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I am babysitting a 8 month old; what to do?

I am babysitting a 8 month old little girl right now and she wants me to hold her CONSTANTLY. Even if I just set her down for a minute she starts fussing. I just dont know what to do... please help!

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    That's what babies do. My daughter is 5 months old and does this to me all the time. You can try making her feel happy by singing to her, making her laugh, playing with her or even cuddling.

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    That's a baby for you! My daughter is 7.5 months old and loves being held for her naps (I have to break the cycle some how!), but for the most part she loves playing without being held. Can you set her on the floor and sit or lay down next to her and play with some of her toys? She could be teething too so she's just wanting a little extra love. Maybe she's ready for a bottle or some food or maybe a diaper change? She could be experiencing some anxiety about her parents being away (perfect age for separation anxiety) so give her the cuddles and hugs she needs.

    Be patient with her.

    Good luck!

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    Hold her, carry her around. Go outside if needed. If she's eating finger foods put her in a seat and give her some. She might be teething which makes her clingy maybe. Otherwise, with my kids, they wanted something. Usually food of some sort or it was nap time! Good luck, but I'd stay off the computer!

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    Eight month old babies love to be held. If she's got a nap in her schedule you will get a break then. In the meantime, hold her and enjoy her. By the way, that's what you are getting paid for.

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    Try distracting her with toys, does she have a bouncer or swing? Is she hungry? Does she need changed? Failing these, I'd just hold her! She probably misses Mom.

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    shes probably tired, sit down and put on a film or something, read her a story (make her fall asleep) but make sure that you stay with her, if needs be hold her hand or something


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    If she has a binky try and give it to her if she doesn't then if she has a bouncer then try putting her in that. If she doesn't like either 1 of those try rocking her to sleep.

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    play with her

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