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How come there are more great actors than actresses?

Jack Nicholson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Al Pacino the list goes on and I don't see as many good female actresses on the screen as male actors which seems strange to me since women are always considered to be the more expressive and emotional than men. Also on a general level I think most male actors perform better on screen than women. Most women I think come across as cliche and shallow. Could it be that men are usually better actors than women? If so: how come?

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    because people go to the theaters to see angelina jolie shake her juggs around, not to see her god awful acting

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    I think it partly has to do with the way stories are told in our society. A lot of them involve a male hero saving the world or whatever, and rescuing the girl. There are obviously vast variations in how these types of stories are told, but that is the gist of many stories. Often this leaves the girl to be nothing more than a pretty goal for the hero, instead of a character herself, and an ingenue role will not always have the depth of character that the hero has. This has changed, and women have been featured more and more, but many of the roles for female actors are for romantic leads with little substance. Also, many action movies that feature women only do so because Hollywood knows people will go see movies with scantily clad women, regardless of acting talent.

    People need to write better roles for women. Many quality plays have excellent female roles, but standard Hollywood generic films don't. It is a problem.

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    Nicholson and Pacino are at the end of their careers, Dicaprio is hardly 'great. Streep, Roberts, and Paltrow are strong actresses. But there have always been more leading men;s roles written than leading women's roles, perhaps from the times when it was frowned upon for a woman to be an actress. Your conclusions seem to come from a personal bias against women. (Envy?)

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