Are Big Corporations Turning Anti-American?

So I've been doing a lot of thinking, and well I've come to the conclusion that HUGE corporations are turning anti-american. My reasoning is this: During these hard economic times, jobs are hard to come by, period. However, with all of the biggest corporations that sell consumer goods that send the work to asia to be done in order to make a quick dollar, this is damaging our couuntry even more. The simple fact is this... Yes the united states was founded on the idea of free enterprise. However, many companies have taken advantage of the system. And with labor costs being so low in foreign countries, these companies have put greed over the welfare of their own country, exploiting the very ideals that our forefathers fought and died for. If these companies took the longer route to profit by keeping jobs in the united states, then the unemployment rate would NOT be as high as it is now. Also, it's inportant to note that fifty years ago, anyone could make an honest living as long as they worked hard. But now, for unskilled laborers, they have to work two, sometimes even three jobs to support their family, while the rich leaders of the companies rake in millions or billions of dollars every year. So what we have is big corporations feeding the gap between the rich and the poor, exploiting the lower classes to earn more money for themselves. The middle class is shrinking my friends... and this whole time our government has sat back and allowed these big companies to get away with shipping jobs out of the country, and underpaying those who work for them in order to make a quick buck. Am I the only one who feels that the government should step in and charge big import taxes in order to make it more cost effective to create jobs HERE in OUR COUNTRY and create those items here as well?


Mike you are def missing the whole point here. Yes it is more expensive to stay here in the United States. But nothing worth doing is cheap. And whats more is you further proved my point that corporations are not civic minded entities. With a country in a steep decline economically, they couldn't care less as long as they get rich. And this is unfair to the corporations? JESUS CHRIST!!! Trickle down economics? My @$$. Corporations are killing this country. Corporations are fueled by greed and have no sense of civic duty. And yes they do owe the people of this country something. What happens when all the consumers are so poor they cant afford to buy their products? Yeah... thats what i thought. And unions? Yeah they arent the best but for many workers they are the best voice they have in a world where the queen bee's don't care at all about the worker bee's. Give me a break conservatives... lets save this country NOW

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    Big corporations have always been anti anything but profit and our government does nothing - maybe because they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them. Our government is nothing but a bunch of lap dogs for corporations. Lobbyists are pure evil.

    Manufacturing built this nation and for us to have jobs that pay living wags manufacturing must come back - never will until we are the 3rd world nation with low labor rates though

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  • Pfo
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    .... They just want to pay less for labor, and there's no shortage of people willing to work for less. Are the corporations doing the bad thing, are they the greedy ones? Because there's lot of unemployed people who would love to work for those corporations, but only at higher pay than the rest of the world would make, oh yeah, and only with health care, dental care, 4 weeks paid vacations and a 401K. The corporation doesn't want to pay more for labor if it doesn't have to, the same as you wouldn't pay more for a product if you don't have to.

    If they keep the jobs in the US, they end up charging more for the same quality. When their competitor goes overseas and uses cheaper labor, they can charge less, make bigger profits. The company that stays in the US will watch its sales decline and its profits dry up. This is not how you run a business.

    Paying more for labor doesn't lead to profits, it leads to losses in labor costs and losses in sales.

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    Big corporations have little loyalty to a nation-state; their loyalty used to be to their stockholders. This explains outsourcing of jobs and tax havens.

    Now it seems their only loyalty is to their executives. This is the only conclusion one can draw from the high bonus paid out even when institutions lose money, or how a firm like Goldman Sachs can push its clients to buy something they know is a "shitty deal."

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  • 1 decade ago

    Has it ever occurred to you that those corporations care about your welfare just as much as you care about theirs?

    This sort of thing is a two way street. Unless you are willing to offer those corporations incentives and reasons to believe that you are going to treat them fairly - why should they stay?

    Just look at how business is treated. High taxes, labor laws that give unions an unfair advantage, excessive regulations, and people like yourself who blame them for all your problems.

    Would you want to stick around in this sort of evniornment?

    Edit: So what this boils down to is you want something for free. You want those companies to do things that benefit you - but you never once mentioned what you would give them in return. All you want to do is take, take take.

    And I bet you cannot identify your own hypocrisy.

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  • aquila
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    1 decade ago

    they arent anti american. they are neutral. they dont care one way or another. they dont owe americans/the US anything. they outsource bc they can. its cheap labor and also americans arent competitive intellectually either, which is another reason corporations are heading overseas (for innovative ideas). they dont care about americans, only profit.

    lol@mike gulf! corporations arent people and dont have feelings!

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