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Questions about spinal block and C-Section?

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This will be my second C-Section but my first with the spinal block and was wondering about what it is like after the C-Section. How long were you in recovery before you could see ...show more
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I had an epidural with my first c-section and a spinal with the 2nd and 3rd so I know what you're going through. The spinal was actually great, maybe somewhat better than the epidural because it's just one shot (after the shot to numb the area) and you're done. They brought my baby to me right away in recovery after the initial check/bath they do after birth. I was in recovery for about an hour and by the end of that time I was starting to get movement back in my legs. They had me inclined up a little bit right away to nurse but I don't think I really sat up until several hours later. They also didn't let me walk until much later in the day (both my sections were done in the morning). My most annoying side effect was itching all over my body but they can give you something for that. I don't know if I had the shakes with the spinal like I did with the epidural, if I did it wasn't overly memorable. I hope this helps, for some reason I was really nervous for my second and third c-sections so I understand your anxiety. I think part of the problem is that you're awake for what is considered major surgery. But the thing that kept me calm was knowing that it would be over in an hour and then I'd have my beautiful baby. Good luck!!

PS- I think the recovery on repeat c-sections is much easier than it was the first time.
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  • Elizabeth answered 5 years ago
    I am a labor and delivery nurse.
    AT OUR HOSPITAL, you are typically in the recovery room for approx 3hrs after a c-section. This is pretty typical even with an epidural.

    We like to have you lying relatively flat after the c-section is complete due to blood pressure issues. If your blood pressure remains stable, you can usually sit up it the recovery room bed AND NURSE the baby.
    At our hospital, the baby is right there with you in the recovery room, as long as the baby 'looks good' after delivery. We give the baby a bath right there in the recovery room and you can nurse while in there also.

    You are usually encouraged to walk within 12hrs of c-section.

    Many people experience "the shakes" with ALL forms of anesthesia.

    Hope that helps!
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  • Starsfan14 answered 5 years ago
    I saw my baby a few minutes after getting out of the OR.

    I sat up as soon as I wanted to- I guess within an hour

    I was walking 24 hours after the surgery

    I was nursing as soon as I saw my baby. And it went great.

    No side effects. Minor shakes, but nothing like after my unplanned c-section the first time around.

    In general my second c-section was easy. I mean it was no walk in the park. But compared to my first one it was great.
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  • Tender answered 5 years ago
    I was up walking the same day. And was sitting up holding my lil guy within a couple hours. I did nurse him. And my only side effect was itching but im not sure that the block was the cause of it. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you. And its not so bad


    I was terrified too. And it went pretty smooth.
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  • Questions about spinal block and C-Section?
    This will be my second C-Section but my first with the spinal block and was wondering about what it is like after the C-Section.

    How long were you in recovery before you could see your baby?
    How long before you can sit up?
    How long before you can get up and walk?
    Did you nurse?
    Did you have a headache, shakes, sweats... what were your side effects?
    Basically tell me everything you experienced! I am so nervous! My first was an emergency C with epidural and I thought that is what they were going to use again but I just found out that I will be having a spinal and now have a million questions and I do not go back for 2 weeks! Please share your experiences!
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