I know I've been gone a bit, but WTF?? Did Atlante do to lose El Profe Cruz to Jaguares???

I just notice this in the news yesterday. I haven't really been keeping up with soccer lately unless of course it's about Chivas or El Tri, but I was wondering why did Atlante let El Profe Cruz go??? That was one of those relationships which I didn't see turning bad, sort of like Pumas and Tuca Ferreti but now I hear that Pumas might release him to Tigres?????

Any of you have an update on this?????


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Update 2:

@R3Y+A - Danm pendejo do you anything other than post your ST***d questions as "Question of the day # ". De donde sacas tantas pendejadas??

Update 3:

@ Ticallion - Que onda mi Ticallion? I seen a lot of movement on the teams. What i'm wondering is how much is America going to spend this time. Thanks for the update homie.

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    Kiubole Rigo,

    Well maybe Carlos Atlantis could answer this better, but Atlante just let him go. I guess the lack of good results this past season. Atlante didnt do that good. Jaguares was looking for a coach, and Cruz was lookin for a job, so there you go. About Ferreti i doubt he will leave Pumas, the presidents of Pumas are in love with Ferreti, and i doubt Ferreti would go back to Tigres. But you never know, Ferreti is a coach that might not play pretty, but he gets the results. I also heard Tigres is trying to get Thomas Boy, Markarian, and Hector Eugui.

    There is alot of rumors out there, new players coming to Cruz Azul, America, Atlas. Coach changes, player intercambio between teams....u know how it starts up over the summer.

    EDIT: well I take my words back, right after I finished answering ur question I went to medio tiempo, and i see Ferreti is out of Pumas haha...so now it might be a possibility for him to go to Tigres.

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    well et me just tell u this dude..there is gona be a lot of changes in coaches next tournament and player transfers here and there a lot of team are doing changes by the looks of it man it gonna be a good tournament coming up

  • Why did you come back? Did you get early release or did you pay your bill?

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    They fired him and Jaguares picked him up

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    y este pendejo de donde salio??

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