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Can you tell me how to answer these maths questions?

I am doing a maths paper for homework but having some difficulty with some questions. If you could show the working out of the answer where possible I would be very grateful. Thanks

1. L is the line 6x - 4y = 5

K is the line that passes through the point (1,0) and is perpendicular to L

i) Find the equation of K

ii) Find the equation of M, the image of K under the translation (2,1) --> (3,-2)

2. The circle K has equation x2 (squared) + y2 (squared) = 10

I know that this means the centre is (0,0) and the radius is the square root of ten but

i) Prove that the line x - y = 6 is a tangent to K and find the co-ordinates of the point of contact.

3. The letters of the word DUBLIN are arranged at random

i) How many arrangements begin and end with a vowel?

ii) In how many arrangements do the two vowels come together?

4. A local lotto draw involves picking four different numbers from all the natural numbers between 1 and 16, inclusive.

Find the probability that

i) the winning numbers are drawn in the order: 10, 3, 5, 13

ii) the winning numbers are 1, 4, 5 and 16

iii) the winning numbers are all even

iv) the winning numbers include at least one odd number

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    Use a texas Instrument graphing calculator

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