Getting fired because I am not adding my boss on facebook?!?!?! REALLY UPSET. HELP!!?

I am a Journalist and I work for this newspaper. Alongside it, i work for other publications too and my boss wants to 'own me' and 'my name' because I am a talented Journalist and thefore wants to regulate everything I am doing. Is this fair?!?!?! We had a huge argument right now because I refused to add him on facebook and today I also found out that he has been accessing my profile through a colleague. How important is facebook to him anyway?!?! So he said he is gonna fire me if I dont add him on facebook today.

I am so upset. Not sure what to do. Just really hate this situation. I dont want my boss on facebook due to my photos and the way I talk to my other friends. This is too personal for me. im thniking of deleting my colleagues too off facebook. HELP!!

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  • eli
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    10 years ago
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    dont add him and if he tries to fire you just say "ok then ill see you in court"

    infact if i was you i would click on his FB profile go down to the bottom left of the page and block him from contacting you and viewing your profile...

  • 4 years ago

    1. if you do get fired, i wonder if you could take it to an industrial tribunal? i'm no expert, but i don't think employees have any right to your personal information - in this case, your Facebook profile. you should therefore be within your rights to refuse. [edit: clearly I'm not the only one to think this. Try and get your boss to make the demand in writing (eg email) so that you have evidence] 2. you can add him as a friend on FB, but then go to Account > Privacy Settings > Personal Information and Posts... go through each thing (eg. "Bio and favorite quotations", or (especially) "Posts by me" and "Posts by friends") and select Custom edit from the selection. You can then put your boss into the "Hide this from" list. Once you're finished, Click on "Preview my Profile" from the top right and type in your boss' name. That will show you how much of your profile he can see. The result? You let him on your profile, but are restricting your personal information and wall posts.

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    Where are you located? This has a big bearing on your legal position.

    If you work full time in a permanent position then the chances are you will have a restrictive covenant in your contract that prevents you from conducting competitive work on the side. If not and you are a freelancer- you can tell him where to shove it.

    As for facebook- thats a tougher one- depending on were you live, this could be unfair dismissal, however, a medium route could be to add him but on a limited profile.

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    Dont you have a right not to add him. sue him if he fires you. You cant fire someone without a proper reason especially by bnot adding your boss on facebook. Talk to your boss and tell him ur not going to and if he does your sueing. You have to let him know that what hes doing is wrong and that you take ur job seriously.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Add Him Than After That Ignore That Idiot

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  • No don't delete anything! He has no right to your private life. Once you leave that job premises then he is no longer your "boss," and further more he does not "own" you or your name so if he fires you then tell him that's fine then set a court date honey cause we're going.

  • 10 years ago

    i'm sure he's not allowed to fire you because of this - you need to find out and then if he does fire you you can sue him!

    this is really unfair

    maybe you should create another facebook account and pretend that the one you had before is still in use, but you hardly go on it, then you can add him on that one and invite everyone else to your knew one!

    =D x

    hope i helped

  • 10 years ago

    Don't add him, he just wants to perv over your pictures.

    He cannot fire you for this, it's not a valid reason. That is clearly grounds for wrongful dismissal.

    You're a journalist, it's extra material for you to write if he does fire you, so it's a win win.

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  • 10 years ago

    He can't fire you because you won't be his friend on Facebook :S

    That's an awful reason and I doubt it a legal reason to fire someone

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    So add him on facebook and take down your compromising photos.

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