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Science help? Disk brakes?

a) How do disk brakes work? Write a short paragraph on how disk brakes work.

b) If you drive through water over the road, the brakes become wet and they do not work as well. Suggest a reason for this.

c)Suggest what you could do to get the brakes working properly again

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    Disc Brake Basics

    Here is the location of the disc brakes in a car:

    Disc brake location

    The main components of a disc brake are:

    •The brake pads

    •The caliper, which contains a piston

    •The rotor, which is mounted to the hub

    Parts of a disc brake

    The disc brake is a lot like the brakes on a bicycle. Bicycle brakes have a caliper, which squeezes the brake pads against the wheel. In a disc brake, the brake pads squeeze the rotor instead of the wheel, and the force is transmitted hydraulically instead of through a cable. Friction between the pads and the disc slows the disc down.

    A moving car has a certain amount of kinetic energy, and the brakes have to remove this energy from the car in order to stop it. How do the brakes do this? Each time you stop your car, your brakes convert the kinetic energy to heat generated by the friction between the pads and the disc. Most car disc brakes are vented.

    Disc brake vents

    Vented disc brakes have a set of vanes, between the two sides of the disc, that pumps air through the disc to provide cooling.

    water gets on pads and disc

    what to dry

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