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Will Arsenal's youth project end with the (potential right now) departure of Cesc Fabregas?

It is ironic that Cesc Fabregas was the starting point in the project when Wenger made him in charge when Vieira departed. The team has been built around Cesc, & he is everything the youth project represents. Cesc leaves, & theres no project.

Unfortunately, this project of developing only youth together, in the hope of retaining them all in the long run to develop chemistry & loyalty was always bound to fail, because of their individual ambitions. Now maybe Arsenal can use the Utd approach, develop youth alongside experience. Arsenal can get Yaya + Ibrahimovic/Hleb + 20 mill for Fabregas, & thatd be great. You get experience in your squad, & money to invest in a world class player. Thank you for the memories Cesc, you'll be missed!

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    the whole point of keeping Cesc at Arsenal in the first place was to dvelop him into the star he is today and to build a team around him and other young foreign startlets such as RVP.

    Cesc was an integral part of Wengers future hopes of winning the Premier League.

    So far hes not done this.

    why sell him now, and leave the job unfinished ?

    it will mean he has to start all over again and replace a player of that class - won't be easy I promise you.

    Cesc is the midfield general of Arsenal, and he pulls all the strings in midfield.

    He rallies his troops to respond when his side are a goal down or when they've equalised - he wants the win and he wants to win badly.

    Same with Gerrard.

    Selling Fabregas would be a step down in class for the Arsenal side.

    a big gaping hole would be left in the Arsenal starting line up - and he is the #1 key ingrediant to wengers future hopes of winning the EPL.

    sell him and you'll be doomed, unless you find another cesc fabregas (not easy).

    Ibra would be just what Arsenal need right now - but they also need the likes of Fabregas who orchestrates much of Aresnals creativity in midfield.

    Hes there always to recieve the ball, on his left or right foot - is technicaly gifted as the elite in the game today , hence requires little time on the ball to make the best decisions.

    lot of EPL teams can play at a 'fast tempo' but they lack the intelligent craftsmanship and vision in their players to do something productive in that style of play.

    that seperates the good teams from the poor ones.

    your build up play in attack has to be quick - not slow, otherwise your opposition will feel at home and be able to cope with w/e you throw at them.

    this was our problem this year, we were predictable and lacking imagination and creativity all over the pitch, hence why we struggled to beat sides.

    Fabregas allows the others to play their best, such as wallcott, bendter, diaby, eboue, RVP, etc.

    trust me - selling him will be a step down in class for wengers side.

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    Barcelona if ibra was sold, they would sell him 40million...yaya is not going to cost 20 million...he costs will pay around 60 million for cesc, arsenal would still have to pay to do the tranfer youre saying....ohhhhhh AND when Fabregas left barcelona at age 16, arsenal did NOT pay barcelona for his tranfer to arsenal...arsenal should be thankull, as well as fabregas for making him a star, but now fabregas eed barcelona so that he can shine

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    mr hleb already playing in his former Stuttgart club so i dont think he will wear once again arsenal tshirt.. if ibrahmovic want go some where then he will b in man u or liverpool but no chance in arsenal..and about yaya he will b the next gunner.. about youth there is so many character v have nasri,ramsey,wilshere this all Player playing in same position where fabrigas playing..will surely miss....

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    Yes it could end

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