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When comes to the end of Brees' contract with Saints, will Brees be the highest-paid player in NFL?

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    Peyton Manning will probably get paid the most. If you look at the poll on Yahoo's NFL page, 53% of the 80,000 people polled picked Peyton Manning as the best over Tom Brady, Drew Brees and others. That's more votes than for the rest of the quarterbacks COMBINED. I think Kraft is a little stingier on pay and I noticed the Patriots picked up a quarterback in the 7th round. Of the three, Peyton Manning is currently paid the most. And I looked up how much each team in total pays their players. He're the total cost in ranking:

    1. Saints: $115,230,604

    2. Patriots: $94,639,613

    3. Colts: $87,981,085

    To me, that kind of leads me to believe that Peyton Manning will have the highest paid contract and here's why:

    1. He's already paid the most of the three.

    2. He's been the most consistent of the three having made it to the play-offs each year for at least the last past 7 years.

    3. With the cap in place, his team has more money to spend on him than either the Patriots or Saints have available to spend on either of their quarterbacks. The Colts have $27,249,519 more cap space than the Saints do, making it quite a bit harder for the Saints to match what the Colts pay Peyton Manning.

    4. He's the only 4 time MVP.

    The biggest factor is that the Colts have more cap room. And with more cap room they can afford to pay more. And Irsay has shown he is willing to pay to keep Peyton Manning.

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    No, he will be getting an extension but the Colts will also be paying Peyton Manning this offseason and have promised to make him the highest paid player in NFL history.

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    No, but he will get a nice extension. The Colts will make Peyton Manning the highest paid player of all time. I think they will give Peyton $150 million.

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    If not the top, he'll be in the top three once him, Manning, and Brady all get their contracts taken care of. QB's are paid at a premium in this league, I mean, if Matt Cassel got $60 million, I cant even imagine how much the first QB to throw for 70% completions in a season will get.

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    No, Peyton Manning will be

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