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Few other sports have been so successful at keeping their traditional roots while still appealing to a 21-century audience

The king's wonderful gifts to visitors were unparalleled and included large amounts of gold.

The final journey of Ibn Battua was to travel by caravan across the Sahara Desert to the remote land of Mali.

In the perfume world, marketers create illusions of wealth, style, or well-being to attract customers.

Some essences are natural, and other are synthetic copies of rare or difficult-to-obtain essences.

France's main competitor in tje global perfume market is the United States, where image is all-important.

Workers categorize the roses based on length, shape, and color.

National Geographic photographer Michael Yamashita undertook the task of checking the facts in Marco Polo's journal and found that many are indeed true.

Workers arrange the roses and put their stems in a special liquid to lengthen their vase life.

The marketing of perfumes and colognes is extremely importtant for sales.

Imageinative marketing ideas have helped to create excitement and hype around certain products.

Kublai Khan's city planning can still be perceived in the straight, broad streets of China's modern capital.

A sculpture honoring Marco Polo was placed in the Doge's Palace in Venice, one of the city's most beautiful buildings.

Their baseball team had accepted money to purposely lose the national championship.



>Y a m a s h i t a

Update 2:

Battua > Battuta

importtant > important

Imageinative > Imaginative


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    幾個其他運動一直在保持自己傳統的根,同時還呼籲 21 世紀觀眾如此成功


    · 伊本 · Battua 的最後旅程是前往馬里遠端土地的車隊由跨撒哈拉沙漠。

    香水世上行銷人員創建的財富、 樣式或以吸引顧客的福祉的幻想。



    工人進行分類基於長度、 形狀和顏色的玫瑰。

    國家地理攝影邁克爾 Yama ***** 一個承擔那項工作的檢查馬可 · 波羅日記所述情況,發現很多是事實上。


    香水和 colognes 的行銷極是 importtant 的銷售。

    Imageinative 市場行銷理念有助於創建興奮和某些產品的宣傳。

    忽必烈的城市規劃可以仍被感覺中直、 廣泛的中國現代首都街道。

    紀念馬可 · 波羅的雕塑被放置在威尼斯,在城市的最美麗的建築之一,公爵宮。


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