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Can I work for longer than 6 months on an Australian working holiday visa if I freelance under my own ABN?

I am currently working in Australia on a year long working holiday visa. I am a freelance designer, I have my own ABN and I work for various companies, doing a few weeks here and there for each of them.

Normally the Working Holiday Visa restricts you to be employed by one company for more than 6 months. Does anyone know if this same restriction applies when you are working from your own ABN?

As I am technically self employed and not employed by any employer will I still be bound by the same rules? Or could I (potentially) work on and off for the same company (under a freelance agreement) and work collectively for longer than 6 months?

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    No sir, you may not.

    There is one way around this law, you may apply for special consideration if you have a valid reason (for example, a doctor who has an australian patient with specific needs providing we do not have an abundance of these kind of doctors, or an engineer drafting structure (usually this would be a government commisioned job and rarely offered to overseas applicants), or a scientist working on a remedy with a drug regulated in their own country but not in australia.)

    Its always worth a try, but if the case was that people with working visas and an ABN could stay, then many people would take advantage of this, go buy their ABN and Australians would find that their jobs are being taken from overseas applicants, which would cause a longer unemployment line then what we already suffer from.

    Thus the taxpayers of Australia would end up paying Australians to sit out of jobs that they are qualified for so overseas applicants could earn money in Australia then return to their country of origen and have their economy reap the rewards.

    I hope you understand that our laws are fair and valid to keep our economy stable.

    If you are skilled in a feild of work that we have a lack of then the government might well let you stay a while.

    Good luck!

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    Normally each person can only ever have one working holiday visa so when it expires you have to leave Australia. It's as simple as that. The only way to to get a resident status is by obtaining the skills and experience that Australia requires so that you can meet the immigration criteria. All the gory details are available on the Australian High Commission website.

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