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Is there a double standard flying heritage flags?

A lot of conservatives (which I lean myself) have been trying to constantly call Mexican Americans unamerican for flying the Mexican flag along side the American...... But have they never attacked puerto ricans or italians or southerners? Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico and several other states belonged to Mexico before the U.S. so it is part of their heritage just like the confederate with the south. So what's the difference? Both just acknowledge heritage, since when is it bad to remember where your ancestors came from? I also have seen many Italians and Puerto Ricans fly their flag without any attacks, what's up with that? What say you?

P.S. It bothers me b/c I'm a Mexican American Conservative. It's not good when you trouble your own base.


Most intelligent response gets best answer, and I'm not biased, I just want an intelligent answer.

Update 2:

John Galt, I'd be mad too if I saw another flag above the American, I'm talking about when the protesters waved the Mexican flag the right criticized them for it.

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    This is the United States of America, you can celebrate anything you want on any day you feel like as long as you don't violate anyone Else's human rights or break laws. Fly any flags you want, wave any banners, eat any food you like. The America that I know is all about tolerance and diversity, the land where all people have a voice, even if it is small and quiet one, they still have a voice.

    Here are a few holidays celebrated in the United States as proof of diversity:



    1 - Emancipation Day (African-American, United States)

    1 - Feast of St. Basil (Christian, Orthodox)

    1 - Japanese New Year (Japan)

    5 - Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday (Sikh)

    6 - Epiphany (Christian)

    6 - Three Kings' Day (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic)

    7 - The Nativity of Jesus Christ (Christian, Orthodox)

    13 - Lohri (Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh)

    16 - Religious Freedom Day

    17 - World Religion Day (Baha'i)

    26 - India Republic Day

    30 - Tu b'Shvat or Tu B'Shevat* (Jewish, Israel)


    National Black History Month (United States)

    2 - Imbolc (Wiccan)

    4 - Rosa Parks Birth Anniversary

    5 - Mexico - Constitution Day

    11 - National Foundation Day (Japan)

    12 - NAACP Founded

    13-16 - Brazil, Carnival

    14 - Chinese Lunar New Year (China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam)

    14 - Race Relations Day

    14 - Tet Nguyen Dan (Vietnam) "Year of the Buffalo"

    16 - Mardi Gras (United States)

    17 - Ash Wednesday (Protestant, Roman Catholic)

    17 - League of United Latin Citizens (LULAC) Founded American

    24 - Flag Day (Mexico)

    28 - Purim (Jewish)


    Greek-American Heritage Month

    Irish-American Heritage Month

    Spiritual Wellness Month

    1 - St. David's Day (Welsh)

    2 - Mothering Sunday (England)

    5 - World Day of Prayer

    17 - St. Patrick's Day (Ireland, United States)

    21 - Naw Ruz (Baha'i, Persia)

    25 - Feast of Annunciation (Christian)

    28 - Palm Sunday (Protestant, Roman Catholic)


    1 - Holy Thursday (Christian)

    2 - Good Friday (Protestant, Roman Catholic)

    4 - Easter (Protestant, Roman Catholic)

    6 - National Tartan Day (Scottish-American)

    6 - Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    8 - Passover* (Jewish)

    8 - Vesak - Buddha's Birth (Buddhist)

    14 - Sinhala and Tamil New Year (Sri Lanka)

    19 - Easter (Orthodox) or Pascha

    23 - St. George's Day (English)


    Asian Pacific American History Month

    Jewish-American Heritage Month

    1 - Beltane (Celtic)

    1 - National Day of Prayer (United States)

    2 - May Day Bank Holiday (United Kingdom)

    5 - Cinco de Mayo (Mexico)

    9 - Victory Day (Russia)

    13 - Ascension Day (Christian)

    18 - Isreal's Independence Day (Yom Ha'Atzma'Ut)

    18 - Shavuot* (Jewish)

    19 - Malcolm X's birthday (African-American, United States)

    21 - Yom Hashoah/Holocaust Memorial Day (Jewish)

    23 - Declaration of the Bab (Baha'i)

    25 - Corpus Christi (American, Roman Catholic)

    29 - Ascension of Baha'u'llah (Baha'i)


    6 - Corpus Christi (American, Roman Catholic)

    16 - Martyrdom Day of Guru Arjan (Sikh)

    19 - Juneteenth

    27 - Martyrdome of Joseph and Hyrum Smith


    1 - Canada Day (Canada)

    4 - Fil-American Friendship Day (Phillippines, United States)

    9 - Martyrdom of the Bab (Baha'i)

    10 - Bon Festival/Feast of Lanterns (Japan)

    20 - Tisha B'av* (Jewish)

    24 - Pioneer Day (Mormon)

    31 - Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola (Spain, Roman Catholic)


    1 - Lammas and Lughnassad (Britain, Pagan, United States)

    August 11-September 9 - Ramadan (Islamic, Muslim, Moslem)

    14 - Pakistan's Independence Day

    15 - India's Independence Day

    15 - Liberation Day (Korea, South Korea)


    Sept 15-Oct 15 - National Hispanic Heritage Month (Mexico)

    1 - Israel Miraji Ascent of Prophet Muhammad

    8 - Rosh Hashanah* (Jewish New Year)

    10 - Eid-Al-Fitr (Islamic, Muslim)

    16 - Mexico's Independence Day

    16 - Lailat-Ul-Quadr (Islamic, Muslim)

    17 - Yom Kippur* (Jewish)

    19 - San Gennaro Day (Italian-American)

    22 - Autumnal Equinox (Japan)

    22 -Sukkot* (Jewish)

    30 - Shemini Atzeret (Jewish)


    German-American Heritage Month

    National Italian-American Heritage Month

    Polish-American Heritage Month

    1 - Simchat Torah (Jewish)

    10 - Cirio de Nazare (Brazil)

    31 - Reformation Day (Christian)


    National American Indian Heritage Month

    1 - All Saints' Day (Christian, Roman Catholic)

    1 - Dia de los Muertos "Day of the Dead" (Mexico, Latin America)

    2 - All Souls' Day (Roman Catholic)

    5 - Diwali (Buddhist, Hindu)

    12 - Birthday of Baha'u'llah (Baha'i)

    16 - Eid al-adha (Islamic, Muslim)

    December 2010

    6 - St. Nicholas Day (International)

    8 - Bodhi Day - Buddha's Enlightenment (Buddhist)

    1 - Hanukkah* (Jewish)

    7 - Al Hijra - Muslim New Year

    12 - Virgin of Guadalupe (Mexico)

    13 - Santa Lucia Day (Sweden)

    16 - Ashura (Islamic, Muslim)

    16-25 - Las Posadas (Mexico)

    25 - Christmas (Christian, Roman Catholic, International)

    26 - Boxing Day (Canada, United Kingdom)

    26 - Kwanzaa (African-American - Dec. 26, 2009 - Jan 1, 2010)

  • babbie
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    10 years ago

    The British Union Jack is part of our heritage, too, but if a horde of Brits started waving it around claiming they owned this country and they would come in here any time they wanted to and there was nothing we could do to stop them - that would be a hostile act by foreign nationals. Have you seen any Italians, Puerto Ricans or Confederates doing that?

    Those protestors were protesting the right of the citizens of the United States of America to make laws governing our own soverign nation. They were protesting the idea that Mexican citizens do not have the right to barge into our country any time they like. They are hostile, arrogant and overbearing; and if you can't see that, then you don't understand what's going on. What do they have to do to get your attention, put on Mexican uniforms and fire a cannon at your house?

  • wayne
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    10 years ago

    There is a double standard and it is based on the current climate right now. I live up here in Massachusetts I see US flag along with Irish, Polish, Italian, Puerto Rican flags. It seems it is just the Mexican flag that upsets people and it is dead wrong.

    I am willing to bet that before the immigration became such a hot issue fling the flag along side the American was not a big deal. ( or as much).

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I have never seen anyone complain about the Mexican flag beside the American flag. It is flying it above the American flag they have problems with.

    I have seen Italian flag flown above an American flag at Eastman Kodak and when someone complained it was corrected.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think there is a double standard. I think Mexican Americans should be treated with just as much (or little) respect as Irish Americans on St. Patty's day. Personally, I refuse to celebrate holidays specific to other countries. If you were born here, YOU ARE AN AMERICAN. NOT - IRISH, GERMAN, MEXICAN, JAPANESE, CHINESE, EGYPTIAN, LEBANESE, GREEK, Etc...

    Be proud to be an American for all the good and bad that comes with it. It's funny, because people in other countries do not claim their relatives who live back in USA. My best friend's mom was born in Germany. He goes back to Germany all the time. To the family in Germany, HE IS AN AMERICAN. Not a German, not a German-American or American-German. WE ARE JUST AMERICANS.

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    Somehow I believe that if several million American gringos crossed the boarder of Mexico illegally and started waving US flags the response would be different.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    With Borat al-Hussein bin Ubama and the terrorist organization called the Demonratic party running this country into the ground, I only fly the Confederate flag these days. I am truly embarrassed by what has become of this country and I don't think we can recover without secession and writing off the most liberal states altogether.

  • 10 years ago

    in my opinion, flying the Rebel flag is no different than using the American flag as a piece of toilet paper.

    I would rather have the mexican flag fly somewhere in the US than the hated, anti-American Rebel flag.

    The Rebel flag represents the secession and break up of our country, the bloodiest war in US history (600,000 deaths) and the rapture of our country's social fabric.

    • Ok you want to comment about the Confederate flag, What about the Mexican flag, Remember the Alamo? Or the Japanese. Remember Pearl Harbor? What about Italian flag. Remember Mussolini. Or even the German flag. Remember Hitler?This just to name a few.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    As long as conservatives fly their Hillbilly Treason Rag - aka Confederate flags, they have no right to complain.

    • ?4 years agoReport

      And you are a racist by saying Hillbilly!!! Where do you get off saying that.

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