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Orlando Magic (Hedo Turkoglu or Vince Carter)?

i am a proud Magic Fan

I was disgusted to hear my fellow Magic fans state "we dont need Hedo we have Vince and he is better"

yes as an all around he is better than Hedo BUT he is not a better Closer than Hedo

and trust me having a closer seperates winning from losing

Hedo was the player that actually got me back into basketball after seeing him go clutch against the Cavs in a losing effort.

Vince missing 2 FTs showed that the was not the player we needed

i am not upset that he miised the FTs though

and to all the so called magic fans if u watched every single regular season game Vince did not step up in the fourth quarter the only time he stepp up in the fourth quater was when he we for 42 against the hornets in a clutch comeback

sorry magic fans u cant blame him for missing the free throws he is not a consistent clutch player


i dont wanna hear anything like "look at his stats with the raptors he had a bad season it would have been worse if we still had him"

toronto did not use him well and they even made him a bench player

Update 2:

@real class act

i did not bring up this conversation to start an "if we had Turkogku" i already new why we let him go

i just stated this because i was disgusted how Magic fans treated him like nothing after he left we he ws our best player in the finals last year

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    Yes, Turkoglu is in my opinion a better player FOR THE MAGIC than Vince Carter. Why? He spreads the floor, shoots jumpers but more importantly he is an underrated playmaker.

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    With or without Turkoglu we would stilt be in the same hole that we are in. Vince is still the better scorer and the Celtics are better than we are. There are a lot of factors into our loss.

    Matt Barnes failing to finish drives

    Dwight in early foul trouble

    Rashard Lewis failing to produce

    Vince Carter missing the clutch FTs

    JJ Reddick forgetting to call a timeout faster

    Jameer Nelson a non factor

    Mikail Pietrus not playing up to par

    Magic letting Paul Pierce do whatever he wanted

    Rondo embarrassing us

    the list goes on and on.

    Carter came here because the Magic didnt want to spend a lot of money on Turk, and it wouldnt have made a difference whether or not he was here. Turkoglu was a role player for most of his career up until last year's postseason and look at him now in Toronto. Vince is a better scorer, but he choked under pressure plain and simple.


    Obviously you are making Turk better than he really is. He was a role player throughout his career. With the Kings, a role player. With the Magic a role player turned 2nd best player on the team. He was the MVP in last year's playoffs but lets not kid ourselves if he was still here we would still be in this predicament. The Celtics are just too good defensively for us period.

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    As a proud Celtics fan(and HUGE nuggets fan, but they lost) I really don't like the Orlando Magic because they knocked us out of the playoffs last year. But this year there is a huge difference in this playoff team. Hedo Turkoglu. When the Magic traded him I was shocked because he was the whole reason they were winning. He has the ability to lead the team, keep them in a game, and knock down big threes kinda like Chauncey Billups for my Nuggets. Yeah Vince is good but he doesn't hit things when it counts. Its about winning, not stats. You could be the worst guy in the NBA, but if you hit shots when it matters your better than all-stars who score like crazy but miss when it counts. I'm happy to see Turkoglu gone this season, because that means the Celtics can pass up the Magic easy.(which is happening already)

    So Hedo Turkoglu is better than Vince Carter.

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    Don't talk about Vince Carter if you don't know what your talking about.

    Vince Carter is considered one of the MOST clutch players in the NBA (by people who know basketball) Over the course of the past 5 years he ranks in the top 5 in game winning shots, and FG% with under 2 minutes left in the game.

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