Do you think one man can change society? WHy do people that try to reform often get killed?


how did those people do that?



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    First of all people don't like change.

    And yes, one man can change society. Look at Martin Luther King Jr., Adolf Hitler, Jesus Christ, William Shakespeare, or Charles Darwin. Their ideas and actions changed society enormously.

    Martin Luther King Jr. gave his "I have a dream" speech and got a civil rights movement started.

    William Shakespeare changed how literature was written, like poems and plays.

    Charles Darwin changed how people view their existence on Earth, before this theories everyone believed that we were put here by Divine Will, whereas now most scientists believe that all living thing evolved from a single-celled organism lacking a nucleus (I do not believe this. Also you might be able to tell, I'm a science person :D). As well as the theory of Natural Selection.

    Adolf Hitler used previously unheard of executions methods on the Jews, had brilliant military strategies, and his death ensured all trade be done in US dollars (I don't know why though).

    Source(s): This is probably the most effort I've ever put into a question :)
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