2000 Toyota Celica GT-S lifespan?

I'm looking to buy a 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S that has 165k miles. It's a manual, and in pretty good shape. I know that 165k miles is a lot but I've heard of Toyota's lasting for a lot longer than that. Its never been in a major accident, just a few dings and scratches and the engine looks, sounds, and in general runs really smooth. How much longer can i expect it to run reasonably well?

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    If it is properly maintained, and has been properly maintained, I think that it should run well for another 200,000 or more miles, for several reasons.

    AutoOnnfo.net estimates that a typical Toyota Motor vehicle at 19 years of age will be about as troublesome as a typical General Motors vehicle at 3 years of age.

    There are two Celicas among the Top 25 of AutoOnInfo.net's High Mileage Roster - a 1983 Celica ST with 571,913 miles on 2006-09-23 and a 1978 Celica GT with 553,264 miles on 2003-01-23.

    The 2009 Auto Reliability GPA of the Toyota Celica is 3.42 (on the standard scale of 0.00 to 4.00) over a 6-year data history. In other words, in a letter grade, the Celica's reliability earns a high B, for infrequency of reported serious problems over the past decade.

    For comparison, here are overall 2010 Car Reliability GPAs for several brands, in descending order:

    Honda: 3.67 ( an A)

    Toyota: 3.53 (an A)

    Subaru: 2.61 (a low B)

    Ford: 2.17 (a C)

    Volkswagen: 1.58 (a low C)

    Saturn: 1.49 (a high D)

    Chevrolet: 1.37 (a D)

    Audi: 1.29 (a D)

    Chrysler: 1.04 (a D).

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    As the others have said, you need to somehow find out how it was maintained. If it was maintained well, and you decide to buy it, then make sure you maintain it just as well - and it will keep going for years. There had been 3 celicas / supras in my family - the last one my mom had - it was a 1985 - she had gotten it to 222,000+ miles, and it was still going great. (minus the oil leak which would have cost a bunch to fix) Since it was about 20yrs old, it ran great..very good body condition. So.... If you find out how it was maintained, and if it was taken well care of, then you shouldn't have too many problems, if any.. especially if you take care of it yourself. (basic maintenance - oil, filters, tire rotations, etc.) Good Luck!

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    how in the hell would we know the exact time and date it will breakdown or die?

    take care of it and it will take care of you.

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    it depends upon how you maintain it

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