What do you think another state to join in - Capitol rallies focus on immigration in Michigan?

Opponents and proponents of a potential Michigan bill that would aim to identify and penalize illegal immigrants in the state rallied at the Capitol on Tuesday.

About 100 people rallied in support of an immigration bill currently being drafted that would require all undocumented immigrants to carry immigration documents with them at all times.

Heather Lombardini, spokeswoman for state Rep. Kim Meltzer, R-Clinton Township, who spoke at the rally and will be the legislation’s primary sponsor, said the legislation is necessary to protect Michigan’s borders.

The legislation would be similar to an immigration law recently passed in Arizona aimed at identifying and deporting illegal immigrants in that state.

Failure to comply with the Michigan legislation, if eventually signed into law, would result in detainment by police, Lombardini said.

“It’s been the law,” Lombardini said. “Now, if a person gets pulled over for speeding, drunken driving, or for whatever reason, an officer can ask for their papers.”

The Arizona law has been met with criticism, its opponents claiming it invites discrimination and racial profiling onto ethnicities. A statement on Meltzer’s website said such laws have been active federally since 1940, requiring U.S. non-citizens to register and carry their documentation with them.


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    “The nightmare becomes reality: the SB1070 law approved in the state of Arizona, United States, begins to have a domino effect in other parts of the U.S. territory.” Residents of Freemont, Nebraska, will vote on June 22 on a referendum on a municipal ordinance that would prohibit the sale or rent of housing to undocumented immigrants. In Miami, Francisco Portillo, “a leader of Hondurans in that city,” said that the Honduran community has denounced that local police are asking for documents from Latinos whom they suspect to be undocumented.

    Meanwhile, Jorge Rivera, of the Honduran Association in Dallas, Texas, commented that several city mayors “are analyzing the possibility of approving laws similar to the SB1070.” It is estimated that there are around 30 million migrants in the U.S., and that more than half lack proper documents. The Honduran Chancery (read: Dep’t. of State) estimates that somewhat over one million Hondurans reside in the U.S., and that 65 percent of them do not have documents.

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    that would require all undocumented immigrants

    to carry immigration documents with them

    Does Anybody See Anything Wrong With This Statement ???

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    100 people? I'm embarrassed that you even posted this. How embarrassing!!!!!!!!

    I bet they are all related to.

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