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Religiously speaking, would like to see a picture of Mianus?

Mianus is a small but beautiful town in Connecticut. I will spend the summer with the Mianus community researching Uranus.

Here are some pictures. Here's the Mianus river: , this is Mianus' best cleaners: and here's Mianus' exit

So what does the R&S community think about Mianus? Do you like it?

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    My boyfriend says he wants to live in Mianus. He likes it because it's small and it's always nice and warm.

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    Mianus wasn't very big. I used a public restroom there once, when the toilets backed up and nearly washed Mianus out. Since that time, Mianus has expanded and now there's even a mayor of Mianus. If you're looking to go into Mianus to study Uranus, you're going to have a tough time. Mianus is exit-only.

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    Wow. It's got a river? I'm impressed.

    I couldn't open the last image, Princess. Apparently Mianus's exit is Forbidden.

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    I seen a good amount of it a few times in 'Jackass 2'... Did you know there is a sewage factory in Mianus!? I was most surprised by there being stores and even CELEBRITIES in Mianus!

    Source(s): Denny Crane...
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  • Looks a little cold Princess. I couldn't open the third link, do you suppose the exit from Mianus is closed for repairs?

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    How does it feel living in Mianus?

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    Well apparently it is forbidden for things to exit. So I guess once some one visits, you don't really plan to let them leave.

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    I might wanna go someday, I hear that to enter, you must drive through a narrow tunnel, and that it has a warm and moist climate.

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    I admire it greatly, though I'm curious why it's Exit 5...

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    I hope it's clean.

    Of course, now that you've told everyone about it on the internet, there'll be all kinds of tourists trying to get in.

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