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Quad Monitor Support for ATI 5870?

I have an ATI 5870 card which documents that it can support up to 6 monitors.

The card has 4 port outputs.

2x DVI


1x DisplayPort

I am currently running 2 monitors, and want to go to 4 monitors.

I was actually curious if DVI had the capabilities to run 2 different monitor views off a single port. I've seen plenty of DVI splitters, but I am not sure if the image is just going to be mirrored, or if DVI can support 2 different monitors with different outputs.

I guess if it can't I need to get monitors that can support the HDMI setup at the very least, and get an HDMI-DisplayPort converter (which are cheap)

Or if anyone has any other insight on this let me know please!

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    If I'm not mistaken on your particular card you can only drive [3] monitors on that setup even though it looks like there are 4 ports.

    The 2xDVI I believe is likely a Dual-Link DVI port which allows for higher resolutions on monitors that support it. So you can only drive (3) independent monitors.

    You can drive up to 6 independent screens on the EYEFINITY editions of the ATI 5870. Your card will only support (3) unless you have the effinity edition but I'm pretty positive you don't since the Eyefinity edition does not have DVI or HDMI outputs.

    On all of the standard 5870 cards I've seen they have 2 TDMS chips and 1 for Displayport. This means you can drive up to 3 independent signals. With 2 of them being either DVI or HDMI and the 3rd has to be displayport. You can drive 1 DVI + 1 HDMI + 1 Displayport, or you can drive 2 DVI and 1 display port, but you can't drive 2 DVI + 1 HDMI + 1 displayport at the same time if what I've seen and experienced is correct.

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    Your version of the HD5870 supports THREE monitors only.

    Only the six-miniDisplayPort version of the HD5870 can support six monitors. That's this one:

    The ones equipped with 2 DVI, 1 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort can only support 3 monitors (that's yours.). If both DVI ports are in use, the HDMI port is automatically disabled.


    Source(s): I also own a 2DVI / 1HDMI / 1DP HD5870.
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