HELP! my uncle's wedding is in the beginning of june & our family is REALLY into music - i need a song PLEASE!?

my uncle likes classical like frank sinatra & stuff - my voice is sorta like 2nd soprano - i really want this to be special and make my fam proud (:


oh and my aunt likes system of a down and stuff like that but i'm really aiming for my uncles taste. i've tryed and tryed again to sing "at last" but its a really hard one to get just right.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Okay how about:

    Ella Fitzgerald- Lullaby of Birdland


    Frank Sinatra- Fools rush in

    or even the song by Elvis Presley- Fools rush in, the same name, different lyrics different songs.

    It is also known as Can't help falling in love with you(but try to find a jazz version of this-believe me there are plenty)

    I posted videos of each from youtube so you can hear what they sound like. Included the version by Richard Marx for Can't helping falling in love with you to show you one of the many alternative ways it has been sung apart from Elvis' Rendition

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  • 10 years ago

    First off, Frank Sinatra is not "classical." He's more oldies.

    Try a Billie holiday song. "Solitude" might be good, or there's a song from her in The Notebook that would be good as well, it's called "I'll be Seeing You." Billie Holiday is from about the same century as Frank Sinatra, and she's about as famous and well known.

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  • 10 years ago

    Why not sing "At Last", my niece sang it at my daughters wedding and we all had tears in our eyes,

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