Speech Topic: Assisted Suicide?

I was assigned a speech topic, it is a persuasive speech.

I was given Assisted Suicide. I am supposed to be for it.

If you could help me with the main points, and body that would be nice.


Or even just describe what it is to me, or give me a website that makes sense.


Okay, if that is your opinion on it...

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    Assisted suicide is helping someone terminate their lives. It can be physician assisted or anyone can do it.

    a search that gave a lot of good results (too many to list) is "pros and cons of assisted suicide" or "pros and cons of euthanasia"

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    I don't think there would or should be an affect on the community. This is a personal decision that ultimately only one person makes. People that advocate it often call it "dying with dignity". People that are against it may say that suicide isn't dignified. But I would ask them how they would feel about living the rest of their lives having to depend on others for simple (often private) tasks that were once done on your own. Some one who is in favor of assisted suicide once asked me "What's life with out the quality of life?" Meaning that if you are bed ridden that what are the benefits life has to offer you? All you can do is sit around and watch tv all day and isn't that what we tell the children, 'Quit wasting the day sitting around that boob tube and go outside and play.' Well, I guess if you are able to then it's good advice.

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    Assisted Suicide, also called Euthanasia..

    just google that and you'll find TONS of info. (=

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  • its murda

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