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Donna asked in SportsOlympics · 1 decade ago

Is this a clear brief summary of the changes needed for the next olympics?

This is a model united nations essay from the point of view from Vitaly Mutko.

The past winter Olympics in Vancouver has been a disappointment to the Russian people, government, and especially me. But sixth place at the Games in an overall medal count was "not a failure." We must regroup and prepare for the honor of the Olympics returning to Russian soil. We have constantly been underestimated since the choice of Sochi. Also many people have said we won’t be prepared for the Olympic Games in 2014. We must ignore the critics and get to work. As a nation we must now turn our attention to preparing Sochi to match if not pass the success of Vancouver. It is imperative that we are prepared as a nation for the Olympics.

My colleagues and I have been criticized for the low medal count in the past Olympics. I have had to deal with my job being called into question, and whether I can get the job done at the Olympics. I understand that as a nation we have shared much Winter Olympic success, and superiority to other nations. We have fallen into a soft spot in the stability of Russian athletics. When the soviets fell, little funds were given to professional sport, which has led to our current generation of Olympic athletes poorly trained. We spent 25 million dollars to build new training facilities, yet we still lack proper training facilities. Russian officials claim that many ice sport teams could only start preparing for the Olympics 18 months prior to them. This led to an extreme disadvantage to our athletes, and explains a weaker showing.

A remodeling of our facilities and coaches is needed, for us to be competitive and prepared for Sochi. The funds that were given to facilities prior to Vancouver were not well spent. We must regulate the money spent for the Olympics to ensure success in Sochi. Also we must make sure that government corruption not get in the way of preparation for the Olympics. A new coaching staff will ensure a fresh start for Russian athletics and hope for the future beyond Sochi. We have only just started our new generation and it won’t be until 2018 that our new generation of athletes is fully grown. We will guarantee our best effort in 2014, and hope to bring pride to Russia. For us to prosper at the 2014 Olympics we must receive efforts from all parts involved. If we succeed in this I can guarantee that Sochi be a great host city.

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    You left out getting rid of Plushenko, he's the worst part of that country, you can't make up medals, besides that well written and thought out

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