Yg entertainment audition Questions.?

I have a few questions..please try to answer :)

1. It says for acting you need a 2 minute video of free-acting. (what do they mean by free acting)

Do i make a script, or use a script online,from a book, from a move, etc.

2. If you make the 1st round auditions..if you dont live in new york or california, will they pay for your flight to go there?

3. Will i have to move to korea? (live there forever?)

4. If i fly to korea for the training will i need an adult to come wiht?

or can i stay in Korea by-myself

5.Can i audition with multiple people.

6.Can i only send in one application form?

7.If i sing a song, does it have to be my own song or can i use like one of GDragons songs?

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    1. You can act whatever way you want. Choose something that can show your real talent

    2. If YG, really likes you, they'll pay for it

    3. Yup, YG is korean-based, so....

    4. You can stay there by yourself if you wan to. It depends on you really

    5. Nope, individual application only.

    6. You can send as many as you want, I guess. The website didn't give any limits. Just, don't annoy them by sending 100 application form a day.

    7. You can sing any song.

    Hope I helped

    check this site for more information


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