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I need help with my mock trial!!!?

I am the defense attorney for President Truman and i have 5 witnesses i need to question from my side. They are: President Truman, a Widow of Pearl Harbor, James F. Byrnes, Robert Oppenheimer (Hostile Witness), and General Douglas MacArthur. Can you suggest questions that i could ask each of them that would help me in winning my argument that Truman is innocent of war crimes??? Also, what evidence could i enter?? Please and thank you!!

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    President Harry Truman

    (1) State your name for the record : answer - President of the United States

    (2) What is your relationship with military affairs : answer - I am the Commander in Chief of all military forces

    (3) Describe the events of Dec 7, 1941 : answer - America was attacked at Pearl Harbor in an act of war by Japan.

    (4) Tell the court of the extent of American losses in that attack : answer - All total, nine American ships were sunk, 21 were severely damaged, 2,350 military and 68 civilans killed.

    (5) Did you give the order to drop the a-bomb : answer - I did.

    (6) Tell the court why you ordered the drop : answer - The United states of America had been viciously attacked in an unprovoked act of war, the Japanese were relentless in their aggression, their refusal to adhere to the Potsdam declaration to stop the aggression and to stop ongoing war crimes against American prisoners who were being starved and beaten.

    (7) Was the a-bomb necessary : answer - yes, to stop war crimes against American prisoners of war, and to save America from a long protracted war saving American lives in the process.

    (8) What was your justification? - answer - My responsibility to the American people as Commander in Chief, advice from my Sec of State and military advisors, a refusal of Japan to adhere to the Potsdam declaration and to put a stop to war crimes.

    Gen Douglas McAuthur

    (1) State your name for the court : answer - Gen Douglas MacArthur/Supreme Commander for Allied Powers.

    (2) When Pearl Harbor occurred, what was your relationship with President Truman : answer - At the time, I had retired from the Army and been assigned as Military adivsor to the Philipines.

    (3) Describe for the court what happened : answer - the day after Pearl Harbor was attacked, the Japanese carried out air strikes in the Philipines and destroyed half my Air Force. They also invaded and held three bases in Northern Luzon.

    (4) Afterwards, what was your military advice to the President after assessing the events of Pearl Harbor and subsequent events about a perpetual unrelenting Japanese Army : answer - that the a-bomb was a necessary evil to prevent further loss of American lifes in a long protracted war on Japanese soil and to stop ongoing war crimes that were being committed against American prisoners of war (starved and beaten) in the Phlipines.

    James Byrnes, Sec of State

    (1) State your name for the court : James F Brynes, Sec of State

    (2) What was your responsibility when Pearl Harbor occurred : answer - to assess world affairs as they relate to the US and advise accordingly

    (3) What was your advise to the President in relation to Pearl Harbor and subsequent events? : answer - that the a-bomb was necessary to stop the atrocities which the civilized world had agreed were war crimes against American prisoners of war, to stop an unrelenting Japanese aggression and to save American lives by avoiding a protracted war on Japanese soil.

    Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the Los Alamos Lab

    (1) State your name for the court : answer Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the Manhattan Project

    (2) What was your duties in relation these proceedings ; answer - My lab was responsible for designing the a-bomb

    (3) What was your advise to the President in relation to use of the a-bomb ; answer - I advised the president on the capability of he weapon, ie, kill rate, exposure to radiation, etc, but offered no advise on it's employment or how it was to be used.


    (1) State your name for the record. : answer - Ms Jane Doe

    (2) How are you related to these proceedings? - answer - My husband was killed on the USS Arizona by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor.

    (3) Why are you here : answer - I'm here to say that I lost my husband in this unprovoked attack, a needless killing of many of our husbands, fathers, brothers and children and I fully supported the President in the decision to bomb the Japanese for their cowardly acts of aggression.


    (1)Declaration of War signed by the President

    (2)Results of War Crimes Tribunals proving war crimes against prisoners

    (3) Recorded events of Pearl Harbor, ie, damage reports, death cetificates, medical records for injured and testimony from those who survived.

    STEPHANIE: Hope this helps!

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