Hotels in Arras, France?

There is a festival happening in Arras, France July 3. We would like to stay the night in Arras after the concert. There are very little hotels available. if anyone has ideas..PLEASE HELP. It would be the night of July 3

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    10 years ago
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    How about staying in Lille or Douai and taking the train? I think they have special train deals going on for the festival.Arras train station is only 500 metres away from Grand Place where the festival takes place. See the SNCF website (English version) for train routes inside France, or TER-SNCF for the North of France, and routes from the Region. Approximate journey times: Lille - Arras: from 20 min (TERGV) to 45min (TER), Amiens - Arras: 45min (TER)

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