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Fantasy baseball SS Question?

I just traded Stephan Drew and AJ Burnett for Jose Reyes and Jonathan Sanchez. I thought I was upgrading at SS, but I am starting to think that I got hosed. Is Jose Reyes going to pick it up and make me look smart, or should I start looking to try and move him for someone else? Who should I target?

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    im sure jose reyes will get better, stick with him

  • krausz
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    3 years ago

    it quite is especially even between JJ Hardy and Rafael Furcal. Leaning in the direction of Rafael Furcal, has a the greater effective profession numbers, There must be greater effective SS on waivers like Ben Zobrist, Christain Guzman or maybe Marco Scutaro who performs multiply positions.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    trade for jeter he never lets anyone down and im not even a yankkee fan ima pirate fan

  • 10 years ago

    trade him for a position you need most, and im sure you can find one of good caliber on waivers.

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