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What is your top 10 best(and worst) Presidents of the United States?


i mean like your top ten best Presidents(of the US) and the top ten WORST Presidents(of the US)

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    Top Best

    1. Abraham Lincoln - Hard to argue

    2. George Washington - Hard to argue

    3. Ronald Regan - Using new economic policies, he reduced inflation and unemployment, saving the country from a recession.

    4. James Madison - Limited the role of factions (more in his federalist papers than in presidency)

    5. Richard Nixon - Opened relations with China

    Top Worse

    1. Jimmy Carter - Put us into debt and made the size of government too big.

    2. Andrew Jackson - Acted as an emperor, going against the constitution and the supreme court (creating a corrupt national bank and driving the Cherokee Indians out of Florida)

    3. Barack Obama - socialist (plain and simple)

    4. Franklin D. Roosevelt - he takes credit for bringing this country out of the depression through his new deal policies, but when in reality, it was WWII that did that. All his policies do was augment debt.

    5. William Henry Harrison - the whole dying after 1 month of being president haha

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    John F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson.

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    Honestly, I don't think I even KNOW that many presidents.

    Let's try, though, to name 10:

    1. Bill Clinton

    2. Barck Obama

    3. George Bush, Jr.

    4. George Bush, Sr.

    5. Ronald Regan

    6. George Washington

    7. Thomas Jefferson ------Was he a president??

    8. Abraham Lincoln

    9. Richard Nixon

    10...... Ummmm....... Uhhhhh....... THEODORE ROOSEVELT!!!!!!

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    hmm top ten...

    Washington, lincoln, jefferson, madison, and both adams, reagon, bush sr, FDR, i cant think of a 10 president right now that i would name in a top (yes i can name more than 10 but a tenth one doesnt stick out)

    if i can cheat can i say bush jr's first term?

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    who is that?

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