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lennox lewis vs joe frasier (both in there prime) winner?

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    I would have to say, this would be quite an intriguing fight.

    Frazier, one of the all-time greats of the ring, was a short, stocky heavyweight. He won Olympic Gold in the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo Japan, and started off his pro career with 11 straight KO's, beating tough journeymen such as Charlie Polite and Billy Daniels. He then beat tough Argentinian hevayweight Oscar Bonavena, Eddie Machen, Doug Jones (who had Given Muhammad Ali all he could handle) and stopped the iron-chinned George Chuvalo in 4 rounds. Frazier beat 300 pound heavyweight Buster Mathis, the man who had originally had Frazier's spot in the olympics but pulled out because of a broken finger (allowing Frazier to take his spot) for the vacant New York State heavyweight title. Frazier beat Bonavena in a rematch, tough Mexican heavyweight contender Manuel Ramos, Dave Zyglewicz (in a bout that was recognized as being for the world title in 5 states), Jerry Quarry in a fight that was voted fight of the year for 1969, and Jimmy Ellis to unify the WBA and WBC titles. Frazier then took on Muhammad Ali for the undisputed title and beat him via 15 round decision, knocking down Ali in the last round. He made two defenses of the undisputed title before losing it to George Foreman, who knocked down Frazier 6 times in two rounds. Frazier would fight Ali two more times, the last fight one of the greatest fights in all of boxing's history, and Foreman again a rematch, which he also lost by KO.

    Frazier had a style that was very exciting, as he would always come forward, no matter what, bobbing and weaving, working his way inside, and fire his great left hook and right hands to the body. Because of his style, he would get hit a lot and he did. Watch any of the three Ali fights and you will see Ali landing jab after jab, or watch the first bout between Frazier and Foreman and you will see Foreman landing these big, clubbing shots, all the while Frazier still coming forward, taking punishment. He trained exceptionally hard and always showed up to fight in top shape. He finished with a record of 32 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw, 27 KO's.

    Lewis, one of the more recent undisputed champions, is one of the greats of the sport. As an amateur, he fought in two Olympics, the 1984 Summer Olympic games in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., and the 1988 Summer Games in Seoul, South Korea. Both times, Lewis represented Canada, where he moved to from his native London, England, when he was 12 years old. In the 1984 games, Lewis advanced to the quarter-finals in the super heavyweight division, where he lost to Tyrell Biggs. In the 1988 games, he won the super-heavyweight Gold medal, knocking out future undispted heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe in the 2nd round. Here's a clip of that fight:

    Youtube thumbnail

    After winning the gold, Lewis moved back to England, where he turned pro, and won his first 25 fights, beating former Cruiserweight champion Ossie Ocasio, former heavyweight champ Mike Weaver, Frank Bruno, Tony Tucker, Razor Ruddock, and was awarded the WBC championship belt when Riddick Bowe refused to face him. Lewis then lost by shocking KO to Oliver McCall, but came back to stop McCall in the rematch. Lewis then beat Tommy Morrison, Ray Mercer, Henry Akinwande, Andrew Golota, Shannon Briggs, Zeljko Marovic (In that order) before becoming the undisputed champ by beating Evander Holyfield. He would defend this title three times before losing by KO to Hasim Rahman, but would later avenge this by stopping Rahman to regain the title. Lewis would make two successful defenses of the title, against Mike Tyson and Vitali Klitschko, before hanging up his gloves for good. He finished with a pro record of 41 wins, 2 losses, 1 draw, 32 KO's.

    I see a fight between them going very poorly for Frazier, as he would have a tough time trying to get past Lewis' great jab, whch he would use to keep his opponents' away, and, if Frazier were to get inside, he'd have to make sure to not get caught by Lewis' crunching right hand punch. Otherwise, it'd be a repeat of Frazier's first fight with Foreman. Lewis would have to be careful not to get caught with Frazier's left hand too often, though he took many of David Tua's left hooks and was still on his feet, as he showed a very good chin. If Lewis can keep Frazier on the outside, he wins, possibly by KO stoppage. If he can't and allows Frazier to come in and land his hooks and body shots, Frazier wins.

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    This would be a decision victory for Ali. Lewis is a big and strong guy with good power and good boxing ability. You could say the same thing about Ernie Terell who was roughly the same size as Lewis and he was thrashed. While I believe that Lewis is much better than Terrell of course, he would still have a very hard time with a prime Ali who was undoubtedbly the fastest moving heavyweight with the greatest movement and reflexes in boxing history. And he had those lightning fast jabs which controlled his fights. Lewis is an outstanding fighter snd a great champ but Ali was another level fighter in my estimation. Lewis is capable of giving Ali a decent fight but would lose nonetheless. Ali by uanimous decision.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Very tough fight to call. I think if Lewis had a night like the night he beat Tyson, then Lewis takes it. This also goes right the other way. If Frazier had a night like the night he beat Ali, then Frazier takes it. I know the height and size advantage goes to Lewis, and as much as I would like Frazier to win this fight, I would have to think that Lewis would win due to these factors. If Frazier caught Lewis with that left hook though, all bets are out the window and Lewis gets stopped.

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    Joe Frazier. Prime Lewis was knocked cold by Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman and Frazier was far better and had far more power, especially in that left hook, than either of them. Fair enough, Lewis avenged those two defeats but they proved that he could be knocked out, and if anyone could knock a man out Frazier could. I know people will point to Lewis size advantage but Frazier beat a lot of big men. Frazier by ko.

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    As good as Joe was (and he was a great swarming fighter), Lennox Lewis was the better man .

    Lewis was bigger, stronger, and could box better.

    Joe had power and swarming aggression, but neither would faze Lennox, who had a great chin and could himself hit. Lewis would move, box, and hit with accuracy. And he would hit hard.

    This would not be an early destruction as with Foreman's first win over Joe, but it would inevitably be the same result over the course of the fight. Joe would not deviate from his forward onslaught, and that would be the perfect gift for Lennox, who would take Joe's hardest shots and in return, play target practice.

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  • 1 decade ago

    frazier would do to lennox what mc call and rahman did.

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