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Pre-requisite mathematics for Quantum Mechanics?

I would like to do some self study of Quantum mechanics and I would love to know the mathematical prerequisites that are required.

Specifically I'd like to study quantum electrodynamics and quantum field theory (and generally all quantum mechanics) if you know what I should study please list it

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    To study Quantum Mechanics you must have strong mathematical base and real affection towards the equations. Still at my undergratuate level study I found specific areas of math more useful that I am enlisting here.

    1) Calculus of one and calculus of several variables.

    2) Basic calculus such as finding derivatives and integration.

    3) Basic Algebra.

    4) Operators and operator Mechanism.

    You first take good hold of Quantum Mechanics and then only think of quantum field theory

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    Multi-variable calculus is your best bet, as if you can understand the topics involved with it, you should be able to understand the mathematics involved with QM, however, I would also reccomend a few studies in particle physics and general physics which will give you an intro into the basics of QM

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