I just bought a Sony Reader pocketbook and haven't opened it yet... do I have to d/l books to my computer 1st?

I'm wondering if I should have bought a kindle? This was 100.00 less and I'm more of a casual reader and thought this made more sense for me. I don't want to use computer space d/l the books from the sony site? Is this what I have to do or do the books go straight to my Sony reader?

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    1 decade ago
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    It is always the best to read some actual user opinions. For book reader I'll prefer the Kindle. See some actual user opinions below:


    You can consider to return the Sony Reader and get the Kindle, I'll say.

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    1 decade ago

    Do not get a kindle. Ill get into this later, The books do download to your PC or Mac but u than transfer them to the Sony through their software. The reason i do not recommend a kindle is it uses a mobi format while the sony reader accepts a epub format. There are free books on the internet, google used to, not sure if it still does, have over 1 million free epub books for download but these would not work on the kindle.

  • atif
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    4 years ago

    I somewhat have a Sony e book reader and an older RCA (Rocket) e book reader. The RCA used a proprietary format, and later variations have been DRM'd to the factor that it killed the product. The Sony assist you to study pdf and text fabric records besides as its proprietary format, has the digital paper demonstrate is a advantageous slender layout. the information I somewhat have on the kindle exhibits that it carries cellular instant, and a few messaging means, yet i don't understand if it assist you to load non proprietary content fabric. My significant gripe with the Sony iis that it does not help html (mine is slightly older form, the present version could be different.)

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