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When was the Constitution of the United States written?

When was in written and decided?

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    Constitution of the United States,drafted by the Philadelphia Convention )1787) and ratified by the states(1788-91), came into effect on 1789 and has subsequenly been ammended 25 established a tripartite federal government,consisting of an executive,a legislature,and a supreme court,and separated powers among the three branches of the national government while at the same time constructing a system of checks and balances in order to prevent the dominence of any one branch over the others,sovereignity by makung the federal and state governments supreme within their respective spheres of compeyrnceWhereas the Articles of Confederation had operated on the states,the new constitution operated directly on the people and gave the national government powers that it had previously lacked, including the power to tax reglate commerce,and establish federal coyrt system.Article I of the constitution delineated the powers of,and limitations on,Congress,which was to have a senate comprising two members from each atate and house of representatives apportioned according to population.A seprate executive,the presidency,was established by Artile II,while Article III authorized Congress to establish a federal court system.Article IV required states to give 'full faith and credit' to the acts and judicial decision of the other states,guaranteed there republican institutions,and provide for the adnission of new states.Uner Article V amendments to the costitution could be made by a vote of two-thirds of both houses of Congress and approvel by tree quarters of the states,or by a constututiomal convention and later approval by the states,or by a constitutional

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    The United States Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787, though a lot of it was written in 1786 and some was derived from texts from decades and even centuries earlier.

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