I am curious why do the working class seem to have no problem working, and paying taxes to keep the elite fat?

and spoiled, but when asked to try to help someone who has fallen on hard times get a leg up you scoff and laugh?

Why do people complain about the poor, but they rarely seem to complain about the wealthy forcing you to pay taxes so they can live more comfortably than the rest of us?
Update: Brian you are an idiot that drank the cool-aide the wealthy have been pouring down your throat.

The working people pay far more in taxes than you know.
Update 2: You are stupid if you think people who work don't pay taxes. I made $47,000 last year, and I paid 3,000 in taxes and a butt load more on Sales tax, and even more on retarded fines for stupid laws the Liberals had crafted.
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