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Fantasy baseball trade - HAN-RAM?

Trying to get an upgrade at SS and HAN-RAM is obviously the best option. Is Jose Reyes and Ubaldo Jimenez enough of an offer for fantasy's best SS? Other player desperately needs SP (his "Ace" is Hiroki Kuroda) and I have an abundance (King Felix, Johan, Tommy Hanson, Jonathan Sanchez).

In summation: does Ubaldo Jimenez + Jose Reyes = Hanley Ramirez + SP Needs?


Its a 10 team Head2Head Yahoo league

Update 2:

Also, my team is filthy. I have Utley, Howard and Zimmerman as the rest of my infield, with Billy Butler as my IF spot. With Hanley, it would be the greatest infield in fantasy history.

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    That is too much. Reyes is a quality SS and Jimenez is hot. NO DEAL.

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    Depends what kind of league it is in my opinion. Hanley is a 5-tool player who will hit .300+, 90-100 RBI and runs, 25-35 HR, 20-40 SB. Might want to keep an eye out on his benching situation though. Reyes is a great player who hasn't played spectacular since returning from his injury this year but is a potential top 5 SS, Ubaldo is a stud right now and is in the top 5 in almost all important stats with 7 wins, 1.12 ERA, 54 K. If you can afford to lose a pitcher of his category I think the trade is a good one.

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    Wait for a much better offer. An owner who needs SP - and can't do the homework on the FA market - should pay a steep price in a deal.

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    The other guy should accept the offer and thank you in his speech when he accepts the league trophy. I'd offer Reyes (who does not impress me) and Sanchez or San-hasbeen, but I'd hang on to Jiminez.

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    You have good enough of a SS. No Deal.

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    you might be giving up too much

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