YG Entertainment is looking for new family members!?

hello i m from malaysia.

i can sing well and dance well

i just read a news from allkpop.com that

YG Entertainment is looking for new family members

i m really interested to join the audition but i don't know how..

yeah i know i have to fill up the application but

we still have to go to the audition right..???

but what if i don't have a money to go to the audition(seoul,LA,NY)

please guyz i need your help,,,????

i need a way how can i join the audition


you can add me at facebook;


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here is the YG Audition website


    Click the "ENGLISH" or "KOREAN" button to get the application form. This auditions are only for people who live in Seoul, NY and LA. But, it can't hurt to try.

    upload your audition video there and YG will see if you can make it. You have to fly to Seoul for the 2nd round but if YG really likes you, they'll pay for it

  • 1 decade ago

    if you live out of the areas for the online audition

    i don't know what to say

    i mean you can still audition by sending them a cd of your audition.

    b/c other than that...if you did make it the first round, you still have to travel to the

    destination place to audition there,

    so i would recommend you to do the regular routine which is mail your audition

    since you live in malaysia.

    that is the best i can say.

    good luck!

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