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How do I dress like Whitney Port from the Hills?

Like what types of clothing (shorts, skirts, etc.) Thanks!

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    Whitney Port has a very classic style, with a touch of trendy. Even though she may live in NYC now, she still has a slightly west-coast style. Try high waisted skirts, mini-dresses in solid colors like black, gray or white, skinny jeans, and loose fitting tanks. And definitely put a crisp blazer over everything! Try looking at her line, Whitney Eve.... I'm sure a lot of those pieces reflect her style

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    She wears a lot of patterned leggings with oversized shirts/sweaters with a cute blazer on top.

    Pair that with a cute pair of peep toe heels or heeled boots along with a longer necklace and you have yourself a whitney port outfit.

    She also wears a lot of high wasted skirts.

    Her style is pretty relaxed but really classy.

    Hope this helps!

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    The link down below has all the information on The Hills. Maybe they have it in there.

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    no matter how much you dye your hair blonde, put on fake eye lashes, what kind of clothing you wear, or what kind of car you drive, to me you will always be just a little monkey.

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