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Why is writing a poem so HARD?

I try, I really do. But I can't.

I need to write one for a book I'm writing. But I don't feel inspired. I just need a start off for a love poem, and I may be able to pick it up from there. Ideas, Advice, Tips?

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    Swirling yourself

    as if swaying in mid air....

    tossing that bunch of hair

    just so that it'd

    glide in my face...

    musing to yourself

    in your deep trance like state

    and making me wanna know

    as to what stays on your mind

    so long...

    ... will do??

    Source(s): writing a poem is not tough if you got all the right stuff.... a few words and a handful of emotions; stir it all well up.... its just when we run out of thoughts or nothing in our life is going wrong that we get this what we call block and it hinders our writing growth.... :D :)
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    What I do when I am having trouble writing or when I need a little inspiration, I put on some music and then I take a piece of paper and I just begin to write whatever is in my head. It doesn't have to make sense or anything. After I fill the whole page I sit it aside and go do something else for a bit and then I come backerto the paper after a while and read it. Sometimes things jump out at me and they make the beginnings of a poem. Hope that helps.

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    Love is the obvious hardest subject to write about in poetry, much like swimming in a public pool is hardest at the shallow end because all the amateurs and children are standing around ruining it. I personally have low eidetic imagery so I can't write effective nature descriptions, which is why I go from being annoyed to envious of Cassie58 who often does them well. But that isn't an emotion. Self-pity is the easiest, because A) I am so familiar with it and B) unlike most self-pitying clowns, I do not take myself overly seriously, which gives it an nice humorous crust. Also emotions I am unfamiliar with like loneliness and compassion would be hard for me to produce in verse. I am somewhat of a misanthrope. [LMAO at Buk's answer.]

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    Most poems don't include what it's about. Like this one I wrote off the top of my head (about love):

    Oh how your scent still lingers here

    My life seems incomplete without your warming voice

    I am dizzy and see my life differently now

    I am blinded as I saw a meteor across the sky

    I am deafened as I heard the beautiful harmony

    I am weak as I break down in front of you

    My only reason for my being

    is you

    It doesn't have to rhyme, just think about that poem. You can get a lot out of the poem, like, you can guess that the person lost their love, and they are desperately missing them. Sometimes when titles aren't there, it turns out great. Look at another example:

    the marks left on me still linger there

    the small stroke of blood on the floor still saddens me

    the joy that left my body still haunts me

    the disrespect that I receive still stays here

    I can't defend myself at your figure

    your fist always leaves me in tears

    as long as you stay I still have these marks

    please leave and know I will be okay

    but that wouldn't matter to you, would it?

    Now think about that for a second.... Ok, think about it and think hard, and then I will tell you what it is about. Done? Okay, look down...

    It's about a wife who is abused, in one of the lines it states that the joy that left her body still haunts her, aka that she had a miscarriage because her husband was abusive and killed the baby inside her. Try that method.

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    Hi K.

    Best way to get your inspiration is to read the poetry of others.

    Find some good work, let it inspire you.

    I'll start with this list:

    Naomi Replansky - CHANGES OF CLIMATE,

    Naomi Replansky - IN THE WOODS, THE OASIS

    IF YOU HAVE SEEN by Thomas Moore


    Good luck!

  • it's hard to write a poem if you're trying, I just sit and rite and then I read it and see what it's about; if you sit down and think "I'm gonna write a poem about____" or "I'm going to be inspired and write a poem" it's probably not gonna work. just be patient in till something comes to mind. don't think about it =)

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    prob trying to hard

    Start out as a rant, do not overthink it...Just keep writing even when it doesnt make sense and from there you can develop a poem

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    It is not hard actually. you just need to relax and think.

    use a dictionary or thesaurus.

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