What does abec mean for longboard wheels?

I know for bearings its how fast they go but what about wheels? Like a lot of longboard wheels ive looked at say abec 11. what does that mean?

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    The ABEC bearing rating has nothing to do with skateboarding. It dictates the tolerances to which the bearing is cut (usually within a thousandth of a millimeter, or one-hundred-thousandth of an inch). Do you think the bearing is really going to be that accurate after you put 100+lbs on it and ride it over bumpy streets, sidewalks, etc.? Of course not.

    When you buy high-ABEC rated bearings,

    "you may notice an improved performance if:

    (a) You spend a lot of money (i.e. thousands of dollars) to have your equipment (wheels and board) redesigned and manufactured to suit these high precision bearings. You will need to use some type of shock absorber that allows for absolutely no vibration.

    (b) You will have to be prepared to skate on a perfectly smooth surface and make no attempts to use your feet to propel yourself. (Doing so would cause shock loads to the bearings and any extra precision would be lost very quickly).

    (c) After you work out how you are going to achieve the above two criteria, you may (and that is only "may") experience a better result than using ABEC 1 bearings after you attain a speed of about 390 KPH (240 MPH) with 65mm wheels and grease lubrication.".

    Alright, now that that's over and done with...

    ABEC 11 is a brand name, not a rating.

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    Longboard Bearings Abec 11

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    abec is a rating system for the bearings. the higher the number the better the bearing

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    the way the wheel spins freely doesn't really mean anything. if you have bearing spacers(the little tube that goes between the bearings), twist the nut down really tight, then loosen it half a turn. if you don't have bearing spacers, get some. but for now you can just tighten the nut down to right where it's touching the wheel, but the wheel can't move side to side.

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