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Jim asked in Computers & InternetHardwarePrinters · 10 years ago

What is a good inexpensive printer with inexpensive ink cartridges.?

I want to replace my Epson stylus 900 printer with another inkjet printer. But I was wondering if there was one that used ink cartridges that are not so expensive ($27 for the color cartridge). Any recommendations or advice appreciated.

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  • 10 years ago
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    The best deal in a photo printer is the Epson Artisan 800 refurb direct from epson.com for $109 under clearance. It's a wireless copier/scanner/fax/photo/CD printer with 6 individual ink cartridges for high photo quality. The best warranty in the industry. For two years, Epson will fedex a replacement and pick up the old one should you need it.

    If that's beyond your budget there are several models in the $50-$80 range with 1 year warranty like the NX415 and workforce 600.

    Triple capacity ink cartridges for Epson are under $3 and you can get 11 free cartridges every month at http://www.ccs-digital.com/freeink.asp

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  • 4 years ago

    Hint, the more cartridges the better your print quality and the less you ultimately spend on ink. For example, you print a pretty picture of the sky and clouds... the blue gets consumed very quickly but red doesn't get used... so the magenta will be hardly used, but cyan will be almost empty. In other words the manufacturer just scammed you out of a cartridge. Most printers can be overrode for awhile before the cartridge needs replaced. Don't chose your printer because it will print even if a color cartridge is empty... but a printer because it will last a long time. You can buy much cheaper refilled cartridges vs. manufacturer cartridges to save money.

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