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Baby girl eye/hair color names?

My gf is 5 months pregnant and she wants to name our unborn daughter something interesting.  She was wondering about names suited to eye color, hair color, etc.  We don't know what our baby will look like but my gf has "strong genes".  Both of us have black hair so our babies hair will probably be that color although my mom is a red head and so is her dad so our baby might be a redhead.  My gf has a really unusual eye color to find  names for.  They are violet/purple sometimes and sometimes they're a dark midnight blue and sometimes they're lighter, the same color as Megan Fox.  My eyes, though I doubt our baby will get them, are green and a wierd goldish color.  Her hair is curly/wavy and mines straight (I'm half Asian), if that helps.  Anyway, Im just wondering if there are any names that would suit appearance.  Also any that sound good with the last name "Belle" would be appreciated.  We don't care about how crazy or wierd they might sound.  We both have really mixed heritages.   

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    Raven Hazel Belle sounds lovely to me.

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    You have been dating your boyfriend for about 2 years now. His name is _Daniel Stevens___. A couple weeks later you find out you are pregnant. You have twins ! If you have socks on right now you have 2 boys if not 2 girls. The boys first name has to be an outdated name and the middle name a color. The girls first name is a flower the middle names your mothers name. The twins are named __Henry Xanadu (green) & Craig Gamboge (mustardy)_____. A year later you have a beautiful little boy. He has your boyfriends sparkling _green__(a color) eyes and your boyfriends smooth _brown____ (a color) hair. Your newborn son has your _mouth__ (i.e teeth , nose ) . Your newborn sons first name is VERY popular and the middle name is your dads name. His name is _Michael Edward___. You want to make a big family so a while later you have a beautiful girl. She is named after your (current) neighborhood and the middle name is a car. She looks exactly like you except she does not have your __nose_ (i.e eyes hair ). Her name is __Anna Prairie Joy___. 2 Years later you decide to have 1 more child. Instead you have triplets. If you have your ears pierced you have 2 boys and a 1 girl . If they are not then u have 2 girls and 1 boy. The girls first names are brand store names and the middle names are french and have 5 letters. The boys first names are states and the middle names a city in that state. Their names are _Charlotte Ruse Adelle & George(georgia) Jackson & Dakota (south) Brandon___. When you get older you retire from being a __doctor__ and move to a different country called __Canada__.

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