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Lady GaGa vs. Madonna?

Who do you like more? Based on talent, appearance, and songs?


Appearance: Madonna


So overall I like Gaga more, but some people seem to disagree?

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    Talent: Madonna. Madonna has proven herself talented for the past 25 years and outselling any other female artist. She currently holds the title of the 2nd highest grossing tour of all time and is identified as "the most famous woman in the world." She didnt get their on accident

    Appearance: Obviously Madonna. Even into her 50's Madge is better looking than gaga (in my opinion at least.) Madonna has been able to mold style and popculture for decades now. And in all honesty Gaga isnt that attractive (which doesnt matter at all, i still love her... just an observation.)

    Songs: Madonna. She has released 11 AMAZING studio albums that are still listened to today. Gaga has released 2... and none of her songs (so far) have proven themselves to be as defining as much of Madonnas. Madge's music defined the 80's and the 90's, these 2 decades can hardly be discussed without her name being brought up... Gaga's music is catchy and is fun to listen to but are hardly as memorable as what Madonna has brought to the table

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    nicely female gaga has a similar disease as Michael Jackson this is a uncommon disease. Madonna is 1/2 french Canadian, 1/2 Italian, female Gaga is Italian. did you do not overlook that madonna stocks similar ancestor from her french side to Celine Dion? music sensible, Madonna nevertheless has a lot higher hits then female Gaga and is an somewhat solid artist. female Gaga has very catchy songs and is likewise provocative yet thats no longer some thing new. female Gaga needs to have some relaxing and take rides on disco sticks. female Gaga seems fantastically and shes tall. Madonna became very fantastically at the same time as she became youthful yet i by no skill loved her short hair era. Didnt influence her music notwithstanding.

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    Lady GaGa can sing the pants off Madonna. Just watch this years Oscars performance.

    She writes her own songs whereas Madonna takes credit for other peoples work. (Lyrics aside)

    Her ego isn't the size of the planet and she respects her fans - this places her way above.

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    Madonna. I could go on and on about why she is the best but I will try no to. If you haven't listened to much Madonna you might not understand but she is actually one of the greatest artists of all time. She really changed dance music and Music and Ray of Light were very groundbreaking albums.

    Madonna was the original and best straight up pop star. She is the Queen and no other pop star and take her place. Check out her music if you are wondering what the hype is about. ( :

    Talent : Madonna

    Appearance : Madonna

    Songs : Madonna

    Overall : Madonna

    Source(s): Check out the albums : Ray of Light, Like a Prayer, Music, and Immaculate Collection. They make Lady Gaga look sad. Here are some links to some of her songs if you are interested :
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    MADONNA. Hands down!

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    Lady Gaga sucks!

    So I guess I'll go with Madonna.

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    I dont believe there will be a "next" madonna because there is only one Madonna.

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    Yeah come 20 years Gaga will be just a big of legend as madonna is if not bigger.

    Like when they were on SNL and singing, Gaga's voice was MUCH better than Madonna's was.

    She's was the first to have 5 #1 singles off her debut album.

    and will be releasing her third album this year. She works like hell and is the most dedicated person I've ever seen. I don't think Madonna has the fire in her or dedication like Gaga does. She truly is genuine.

    Source(s): Huge Gaga fan.
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    Madonna has more experience, and I like her better. But Lady GaGa is most definitely the next Madonna.

  • I like 80's Madonna.

    I love Gaga coz she kinda had the same weird style like Madonna had in the 80's.

    I love both..but Gaga is the 'new' Madonna!


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