Background checks for minors? NEED HELP!!!?

So I just got hired at a grocery store (albertsons). Before they let me start working they need to do a background check and I got a few charges back when I was 14 (now 17) though none were felonies. I told the guy that I didn't have a record but I'm worried the charges are going to show up and I won't get hired. I thought nobody but the police department could look at juvinile records but if there going to check then they must be able to access to right?

I live in texas

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    Juvenile Records are ONLY sealed if you request it and the Court grants the sealing or at the individual court's discretion. You need to check the policies for your area.

    It's an urban myth that juvenile crimes do not show up on background checks. They can and do.


    Juvenile records in Texas are not sealed. Read this:

    "Who usually has access to Juvenile Records?

    While juvenile files and records are generally confidential, there are some important exceptions. A juvenile record can be accessed by police, sheriff's officers, prosecutors, probation officers, correctional officers, and other criminal and juvenile justice officials in this state and elsewhere.

    Also, the record may be available to employers, educational institutions, licensing agencies, and other organizations when the person applies for employment or educational programs. "

    Your juvenile records may automatically gain "restricted access" status when you reach age 21 (read further in the link I left). It says, "Once your juvenile records are on restricted access, you may legally answer, “No” when a job application, educational or occupational licensing application asks, “Have you ever been arrested, convicted or adjudicated of a crime?

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    Unless your record was sealed by a judge it is available as part of a background check, especially since you are still considered a juvenile at 17. The issue that you are dealing with isn't whether the charges were felonies or not, but that you were not honest on your application or in your interview. I would say that there is a good chance that you will not get hired because of this. The only thing that I can suggest is that you call the manager at Albertsons and explain the situation.

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    convinced. until eventually you're taking criminal steps to have your minor list sealed or expunged, then that is an argument of public list. note: maximum states require you to be a minimum of 18 earlier you could prepare for minor files to be sealed.

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    Juvenile records won't show up (former texas lawman). Once you hit legal adult age (17), you start over with a clean slate.

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