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Mountain Biking In Ecuador?

Where is the best place for mountain biking in Ecuador.

No street just out back trails thanks.

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    Mountain Biking in Ecuador Its a mountain bikers paradise, I can not give you all the places but I will give you a few of my contacts....

    Somme of the best include Baños, Cotopaxi Volcano , all sorts of nature reserves..TOO MANY

    Arie's Bike Company -bike tours from Quito for 1-6 days.

    Backroads -US tour operator offering biking/hiking tour to Ecuador.

    Bike Tours Ecuador -bike tours in Ecuador for over eight years from their base in Quito.

    Biking Dutchman -the mountain biking specialist in Ecuador.

    Biking Spirit -mountain biking division of Alta Montaña -offer rides including downhill from 4,800m on Chimborazo and two day mountain bike tours from Riobamba to Chimborazo and Baños.

    Down the Road -the Ecuador pages of Tim and Cindie Travis' account of their seven year bicycle trip around the world starting from the USA in 2002 (Ecuador came early on in the programme!).

    iBike - International Bicycle Fund's tour of Ecuador -iBF are a non-governmental, nonprofit, advocacy organization, promoting sustainable transport and international understanding.

    Pro Bici -mountain biking in the Chimborazo province.

    Tenback -Ine and Robert Tenback's account of their cycle tour to Ecuador.

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    The majority of mountain bikes sold today are full suspension mountain bikes, meaning both the front and rear wheels have some form of suspension travel. Suspension has many benefits including increased control and comfort as well as improved traction and less rider fatigue. The amount of travel found on mountain bikes ranges from 3 to 8 or more inches of travel. Suspension travel refers to exactly how much your wheels can move up and down when going over rough terrain. As travel increases in bicycle design the geometry of the bike changes as well as rider position and an increase in weight of the bike.

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    Bañ can bike along waterfalls or Cotopaxi. Of course it depends how challenging you wish it to be but yes, biking is just great in Ecuador. With a tour operator called Gulliver Expeditions I did a tour called cotobikes. You hike up to 5000m until you see the glacier of the beautiful Cotopaxi. Once down you have the option to bike down to a lagoon. How to get back up? There was no need as the car has been waiting for us! Adrenaline and satisfaction guranteed.

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