grrrrrrr... lice! please read?

just found out my 11 year old has lice. just wondering if anybody else was having problems with RID. washed her hair as directed and i am still seeing a few live bugs. this also happened about 4 or 5 years ago. called RID and they said maybe it was expired or i didnt follow the directions, yes i did everything as instructed. so whats up? are these things immune to the shampoos or what. just wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else.

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    I believe they are and I read that they are ......I had a lice problem with my daughters.. for like 3 mo.. and we just couldn't get ride of it.. We tried over the counter treatments, prescription shampoo, and even some prescription used for scabies that we left on for 8 hrs.. the little pests were still alive... I washed and swept everything for 3 mo and couldn't get rid of them.... so I searched for home remedies on the net for hours one night and looked at absolute every site threw Google and yahoo... and read many testimonials just like what I was dealing with..just like me they had suffered 3 or more months.. infested with lice.... one site said lice has become an epidemic and that there 3 types that have malformed and they have become immune to the different types of standard treatments... I tried this and it worked the first time and my kids didn't get it back for almost a yr. I did the same thing and it nipped it in the butt.... the firs time.. Use Listerine the mouth wash.. the original kind.. the light brown.Be careful not allowing it to get in eyes.. On hair..dowse and saturate dry hair and scalp.. wring out but not all of it.. and put a shower cap on or I used a grocery bag on head make sure it is taught ..gather the bag or cap at one part and twist and bunch it up. To hold it I used a rubber band ... you need to allow the Listerine to set on head foe 8 or more hours.. it will produce a tingle feeling. I would suggest to do this before bed cause it makes it easier especially if your kids are little... Listerine has eucalyptus in which is a repellent to lice..It is the only thing I read that kills both lice and there eggs.. it suggested you do this for 2 nights but I have only ever done it just once.... after the 8 or more hours take cap off and rinse hair with just water and wring out real well use a lavender or green tea tree conditioner and work into hair making sure you cover every bit of scalp and all the hair.. more conditioner the better.. you can use what ever you have at home and the cheapest is fine to .. but lavender and green tea tree are also repellents of lice.. after you have worked in conditioner cover head again using a new bag or cap and allow 8 or more hrs for this step... the conditioner will suffocate the bugs if any by chance were still alive and the eggs the same but with the eggs, they have a tiny hole in them because the need air to stay alive to hatch.. the conditioner over time seeps in that hole and fills the up and makes them like jello... real soft.. allowing them to be comb out super easy ... when the time has elapsed, I suggest doing this step in the shower.. get the hair a little wet and use a regular hair comb like what a barber would use.. and comb once and rinse.. repeat this step threw the entirety of the hair a few times or what you think is sufficient. Then rinse out all conditioner after combing hair out and shampoo... The hair might be left looking greasy cause of the condition.. I would suggest shampooing with suave clean and clear... this strips hair of all build up... You will have to look threw hair and pick out a very minimal amount of eggs... they will be real easy to see cause the turn white when the die and there like tiny pieces of jello or i describe them best as tapioca pudding balls... as for bedding and coats, sweat shirts, hats, couches.. etc.. using Lysol and this can also be the cheap brand.. spray every thing and i would do this for a week.. 5days would be ok .. especially hats and the collars of coats,jackets, etc.. pillows as well and the arm rests of couches... any where you children might lay there heads the most... sweep carpets well and after you sweep throw away the sweeper bag immediately and Lysol parts of your sweeper that you might feel eggs or bugs could have gotten caught on.. You don't have to saturate everything you spray but one good even layer..also take trash out every time you have discarded caps or combs.. and wash towels immediately after each use threw out treatment in the hottest setting...brushes and combs just boil over stove and you could Lysol them to..I know this sound like a lot but when your done it seems a lot less work after spending hours spent on picking out eggs from your child's hair...If you have any questions regarding anything feel free to email me at my name is Amber.. hope this has helped you.. also.. in a water bottle use one part Listerine and 3 part water and in the mornings use on hair when combing it for school.. this will act like as a repellent .. I cant promise you will never get lice again but you wont ever have a major problem with them ever

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    Lice are the most annoying things ever. The best way to get rid of them is to buy a nit comb, and systematically comb through your child's hair several times a day. If you do this in the bathroom, just get the child to sit in the bathtub in his/her swimming clothes, so you can just wash away any lice you find. Plus, the hair needs to be wet anyway or else the comb hurts. This can take a long time.

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