The deficit. Are you at all concerned?

I'm curious... I know there are a lot of issues we all care about and agree/disagree with depending on what side of the political spectrum you fall on. On a scale of 1 - 10, where does the deficit lie on your list of biggest concerns you would like our government to address (10 being most, 1 being least).

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    The deficit should be a major concern, but it is often over-considered. I recall, in very different political times, all the Democrats whining about Ronald Reagan’s deficit spending and how it was going to ruin America. Reagan did indeed triple the National Debt and that was one of the major talking points against him. "Voodoo Economics" it was called, and it was assumed that it would cause our demise.

    In the event, during the Clinton administration, Clinton and the Republican Congress turned the whole thing around and by the time Bush II took over their was a budget surplus. Bush II proceeded to change all that with two very expensive wars. These wars are the reason the deficit is back, contrary to all the political posturing proclaiming Obama a big-spending Socialist--taxes are lower now than anytime since 1950--and once we end these wars and the economy begins to grow again, the deficit will again go down.

    There are more important things to worry about than deficits, though it is an important issue. These things go in cycles, and it is important to realize that. So, in answer to your question, I would give the deficit a 6 in importance, with ending the wars a 7 and coming up with a viable plan for future energy considerations an 8.


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    It should be addressed immediately. If government would tighten its belt and spend at 2007 levels - like many companies and families are doing - we would have a balanced budget this year.

    Instead, our national debt as a portion of GDP is reaching dangerous levels. The General Accountability Office and CBO have both described our government's spending as "unsustainable." The problem has become a 10.

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    not my problem. its government problem. government failures or mismanagement is not related to my personal life. my savings are safe and well protected.

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    1,793,405 or more.

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