All expenses paid VOLUNTEER work.. IN NYC?


Id like to not only volunteer in an area of need in new york city, id like for my expenses/living to be paid for? I don't know if anyone knows an organization that allows me to help/volunteer, but get expenses paid since Id be volunteering... I wont have time for a job & getting no money is kinda hard to survive in the BIG CITY... any help? THANKS

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    No such thing! If you want to volunteer away from your home, you have to pay for all of your expenses -- your transportation, housing, insurance, etc. Unless you are a highly-skilled person with experience that's desperately needed in an area and are willing to be there for two years, it's just not worth it to pay your expenses when the money could instead be used to hire local people desperate for employment.

    In the USA, some low-cost away-from-home volunteering options:

    * The American Hiking Society sponsors several excellent volunteer vacations every year, constructing or rebuilding footpaths, cabins and shelters in some of the USA's most beautiful spots.

    * Sierra Club volunteer vacations help to state and federal land agencies. Service trips range from helping with research projects at whale calving grounds in Maui to assisting with archaeological site restoration in New Mexico.

    * Habitat for Humanity has activities all over the country

    * If you belong to a community of faith (church, temple or mosque), check with them to see if they have volunteering opportunities outside of your area. For instance, many such communities have been organizing trips to help people in the Gulf Coast of the USA, who are still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.

    * Become a volunteer firefighter, volunteer paramedic, or volunteer with the Red Cross. With experience, you could be eligible for short-term assignments in other parts of your country.

    Otherwise, check the All for Good web site to see what volunteering opportunities you can do locally.

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    Some states require employers to pay FULL-TIME workers their normal wages, although the majority do not. I'm not sure in NY is one of these states. I do not think NY law would apply to your job in NJ though, nor would NJ law apply. Your job may only count your jury duty as vacation time if you opt to take paid vacation instead of unpaid days off. Otherwise it is simply an excused absense and your employer can get in big trouble for not following this law. You are compensated for your service, which varies by state. If you do not serve on an actual jury, then usually you get a petty amount for that day. If you do serve on a jury, then some states pay your for travel to the courthouse.

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    Teach For America or something along those lines. It's a pain in the *** to apply and near impossible to get accepted. Good luck.

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