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Should I join the Marine Corps?

I'm a female and a friend took me with her when she had an appointment with a recruiter and I originally did not want to join when we were talking to the recruiter, but after a while every time I go to the PT sessions I get sucked into the motivation and pride and I feel like telling the recruiter I want to sign up for the D.E.P....but then I hear from people that women get treated like ****, or they're sexually harrased ALL the time or that they're called a "walking mattress"/slut/lesbian. Which by the way I am not any of those, so I don't know why all female marines are catagorized under those titles...I guess from a "few bad apples." So should I just ignore what they all say and serve my country? Or should I just say screw this and walk away?


Okay thank you for your responses, I really appreciate it. You've helped me out a lot with my decision process.

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    I'm in the army and LOVE it, but with the marines there are fewer females so i can see how they would get a worse reputation.

    It sounds like you would like the military so i think you should join but the marines isn't the only branch. If you are able to do marines PT you would probably like the army too and females get treated pretty well in the army.

    You will always get stereotyped one way or another in the military because there are always gonna be more guys than girls. But if you hold yourself to a high standard and set a good example for your gender you will gain everyone's respect. A drill sgt once told me females have more motivation than males in the military and that is something to be proud of.

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    Bro that is a individual battle that you have bought to settle for your possess. My individual enjoy was once that I joined instantly out of top university. I did five years, extending for one after my four yr agreement ended. At that factor I determined it was once time for university, which I attended and graduated from with my BS in Psychology. At the time, the GI Bill was once simplest @$28K so I had a sexy well dimension invoice racked up. I researched my choices and got here into the Army, who paid off the leisure of my scholar loans. I got here into the Marines since I KNEW it is what I desired to do greater than something else. You need to determine what it's that YOU desire and why you desire it. Best of success it doesn't matter what you decide upon, Semper Fi! EDIT: Sorry approximately the "bro" remark, I simply spotted you are a tender girl. My apologies. Also, something I didn't point out however such a lot usually intended to is the truth that I certainly cherished my time within the Corps and it is made me a bigger NCO within the Army as good.

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    To be quite frank. **** what others think. If you want to serve your country & put in the work to do so then by all means go forth & succeed. Unfortunately there are air heads who treat women unfairly but I thinks that very few. I think any women who wants to break out of the normal not be a barbie like 85 % of women in this country & serve is an upstanding lady that I would be glad to serve with.

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    If you have to ask, the answer is "No". The Marine Corps is an enterprise that requires decisive and total commitment if you hope to succeed. If that commitment is not there in spades before you join, you will not find it at boot camp which will demand of you a level of commitment you've already demonstrated you do not have by being hesitant in the first place.

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    Yeah you will most likely be treated like a whore, most women are, I am eigt year veteran of the corps and I have seen it all so I know what I am talking about, this is a big decision and you really need to look more into this. I tell things like they are and don;t sugar caot anything, other answerers on here will tell you oh thats great and follow your heart, I say what really needs to be said and that is women aren't usually treated well there, take a look at this link and it will explain more.

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    the Army is much more hospitable to woman than the Marines. if you join the Marines and end up pregnant the Marines will kick you out with a dishonorable discharge, they are very strict and the Marines is desined with the abilaties and strenghts of a man ( not to sound shovanistic). If you want to service your country, i would rec. Army... good luck!

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    Most females in the military are labeled as you said. However, don't let what others think guide your decisions. Also, don't let your temporary feelings determine your decision for joining up or not.

    You will know if it's right for you.

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    well if you have pride and you can stand up for your self go for it your serving your country just like the rest and at the end all that matters is what you did i think you should. just be proud of what your doing and carry yourself with pride and noone will **** with you

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    join girl if you really want to do for you but set a good ex for yourself while your in there so u dont have those type of titles

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    Serving in any branch of the US military is prestigious in itself.

    But, no one can answer this question for you. What do you want?

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