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What is it going to be like on an Alaskan cruise?

I'm going on a cruise to alaska June 11-21, 2010 from san francisco. I'm also a teenager, and I'm kinda worried that I won't have anything to do while on the cruise... I don't think a lot of teens would go on a cruise to alaska in the summer. Anyways, what kind of clothes should I wear for this time of the year? And will it be any fun? I'm going with Princess cruises.

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    I went on an Alaskan cruise back in 2005 when I was 14. We went in the middle of May so my mom took my older sister, our friend, and myself out of school for a week. Because it was in the middle of school time there was only one other family with kids that I saw on board. It was funny but kind of cool to know that there were so many few kids on board. I felf special. However, out of all the cruises I have been on the Alaskan cruise was the best! You will have a great time! It's amazing! I would wake up to eat breakfast and our ship would be surrounded by glaciers that were formed millions of years ago. And then when you turn at just the right time and see a chunck of ice fall off a glacier and plung into the water causing a splash, it really is a site to see. The wildlife is great too! You see so many American Bald Eagles. My family and I would always get excited when we would spot one (which was often) but after about the third day it wasn't as big of a shock anymore. They were everywhere! As for your activities you will have tons to do! Go online and check to see if there are any teen clubs that you could attend. Go swimming when your bored, and most importantly eat! You will have a great time if you don't build it up to be a drag of a trip. I think a lot of teens would love to take a cruise to Alaska, or really anywhere for that matter. Not a whole lot of kids get to experiacne cruises because it's to expensive for the parents to afford. You're lucky. Anyway, pack warm! it will be cold! Heavy jackets and thick pants for when you get off the boat but when your on board you can walk around in shorts if you like. It'll be nice inside but cold outside. Have a great time! I would love to take another cruise to Alaska. That's how much I enjoyed my Alaskan cruise as a teen.

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    Well, I'm far from being a teen, but Alaska was my favorite cruise. I also believe that unlike other cruises, you will be too involved in what you're seeing and experiencing, that you wont miss being with other teens.

    Most likely, you'll be on deck, looking at the glaciers, and other fantastic sights around you. There's so much to see.

    And in port, you might get to walk on a glacier, or take a seaplane ride, or a train through the mountains. You'll see a salmon hatchery, where the salmon swim upstream. I got to see a bear eating out of a trash can. I hope you like to take pictures.

    When I went in July, the weather was quite warm, and we wore shorts most of the time. I remember one day being too hot. But when I walked on a glacier, I needed my Winter coat, hat, scarf, and gloves, and still froze. The weather is quite unpredictable, so take some clothes for all weather.

    I'm sure you'll have fun. And maybe there will be some other teens. Good luck and enjoy.

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    You don't think it will be any fun? Consider this. While there are currently quite a few cruise lines cruising in Alaska, there is serious talk about closing much of Alaska to cruise ships considering the amount of ships cruising to the Glaciers and the size of the ships. You could be one of the lucky few (even in your school) to do this. Think of the experience and knowledge you will learn (term paper subject).

    As for not having a lot of teens on an Alaskan cruise during the summer, you might be surprised. Summer in Alaska is a great time to go. You probably won't even need a jacket (except maybe a windbreaker) on most days. You will need one for any glacier cruising as it does get a bit chilly.

    As for having things to do. Most cruise ships offer great teen clubs and usually, just like everything else in life, you get out of them what you put into them. Most ships also offer video arcades somewhere on the ship.

    That doesn't do if for you? Check out the pool area. You won't be the only teen in town. This is a great opportunity to make some great new friends and meet members of the opposite sex. For girls, check out the salon and see about getting your nails done. For guys, ask if there are tours available of the bridge or behind-the-scenes tours on how the ship works. Like to cook? See if any of the chefs are offering any free advice on how to make something.

    Check out the game room or library. Great place for you and your friends to hang out and play games or cards.

    Don't forget to take your iPod or MP3, or your handheld games.

    I've been on many cruises and I have never seen any teen on the cruise ship get board and we have sailed to many ports of call including Alaska (twice). There is simply too much to do.

    Relax, enjoy and be sure to thank your parents for taking you to Alaska. It's a beautiful state. If you're lucky, you might even see humpbacks or orcas, eagles, bears, sea lions, otters and mountain goats. We just got back from our Alaskan cruise last week and we saw all of them.

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