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WIld horses/ponies in Virginia (south)?

so in June, my church group and I are going on a hike in the Appalachian mountains... in Virginia somewhere, I think more south in the state, and our leader says he's hiked there before and they around there are famous for their wild horses/ponies! I'm naturally very excited to take some pictures (i am also somewhat a photographer..) and i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of horses these could be. I was thinking maybe some kind of chincoteague, but I thought that those only lived on the island of assateague, except for people who buy them at the annual auction.

Anyone got some insight on this?

Thank you!!!

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    I used to live in southwest Virginia...

    Yall must be going to Grayson Highlands State Park! It is absolutely beautiful! Yes, they do have wild ponies.

    For those that said there are no wild ponies it clearly says there are under the heading "NATURE, HISTORY PROGRAMS" on this website plus just look at the pics

    You can probably find out specific info on them at the Visitor's Center.

    Here are some pics of Grayson Highlands

    In college my friends that were photo majors would go out there for pictures and loved it there!

    Have fun on your trip!

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    There are no true wild horses anymore. And there's no way that there are wild horses in Virginia anywhere but Assateague.

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    i'd guess mustangs, these are the only wild horses that i know of in the mainland usa

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    Bring your horse and rpe one and keep him and break him and breed him and own him to brag that you caught a wild pony!

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