Why is there a holocaust museum in the U.S.?

Why do the Jews get a holocaust museum in the U.S. while there isn't one for African Americans and Native Americans? The holocaust didn't even happen in the U.S.

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    Because America is a Jewish state

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    First of all there a many Native American Museums, especially in the Mid-West. And there is quite a few of African American Museums too. Some in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, California, Texas, Maryland, just to name a few.

    Second we, America, was part of the WWII. We are paying respect to history like all people (Americans) should do.

    Third in Europe they own a 9-11 Museum. That is a pure sign of respect.

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    There are many African-American museums and Native American museums in the U.S.

    A better question is why the museum has six sides.

    Each side is supposed to symbolize one million deaths.

    There were eleven million deaths in the concentration camps and the rest of the holocaust.

    So why not eleven sides?


    Only six million Jews died. There is one side to symbolize each million of them.

    Five million non-Jews were also murdered. There is not even one side to symbolize all five million of them.

    Although your examples are faulty, you are correct that murdered Jews and murdered non-Jews are not treated equally.

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    There are several AA and NA museums in the US. Are you concerned because the Holocaust Museum is in our Nation's capitol? Guess what... there's a AA and NA museum there too.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There is an African American Musuem where I live, 2 actually.

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    Because MILLIONS of people died during the Holocaust. It was a horrible time in the world and we must never forget what happened.


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    have you been to Europe?

    high chance there's one over there too

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    AA and NA's don't want to see it.

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