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Anyone want a name game?

You meet a guy at colleg he has curly brown hair and intense green eyes. What is his name?

My answer: Andrew white

after dating for two years he proposes to you. When and

where do you get married?

My answer: may 15th in San Angelo tx on a ranch.

After your honey moon you come back with BIG news. Your pregnant!!! You find out it's twins a boy and a girl. The boys name has to be all family names and the girls name starts with the same letter as his name does. they have blonde hair and brown eyes.

My answer: Walter wayne and willow heather

after the twins turn 2 you find out yu are going to have another boy. He has green eyes and

browmhair. His name is very masculine.

My answer: andrew Scott

after the twins are 5 and the boy is 3 you decide to try for 1 more. Well you get a little mire than

one you get 4!!! All girls. Baby number one looks just like you. Baby number two has brown hair and blue eyes. Baby number 3 has blonde hair and blue eyes. Baby number four has brown hair and

green Eyes like Her dad. What are thEir names?

My answer: baby number one: Emma Louise baby number two: edeline catherine baby number

three: Sarafina grace baby number four: Margret Allison.

After the twins turn 8 the boy is 6 and the quads are

your best freind gets into an accident. Shesufgers from severe trauma and will never be able to take care of the new born son again.

The sins father left when he was born. You decide to adopt him. What is name?

My answer: hunter Alexander

so I have

-Walter and willow who are 8 -

- Andrew who is 6 -

- Emma, Eddie, Fina, and Maggie who are 2 -

- and hunter who is 6 months-

please add pictures if you can :)

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